Releases 10 New Products Among Most Innovative for College Students

Online dorm supplies superstore released 10 new products that are among the most innovative and downright cool products yet for college students.

Buffalo, NY, April 14, 2013 --( As the leading online dorm supplies vendor, has new inventory for the summer that includes all the dorm essentials that college students will need. But also included are a variety of cool and fun but still useful and very functional dorm supplies. DormCo is proud to be adding more to its lineup of college supplies—these new products are bound to even make roommates jealous.

Cooking in college dorms has to be a quick and easy task. Since college students don’t have the time, cooking appliances, or perhaps the skills needed to make four-course meals, DormCo has a variety of new college cooking supplies. As the staple of any college student’s diet, Ramen noodles are a favorite quick dorm meal. To make cooking Ramen even easier and faster, DormCo’s new Rapid Ramen Cooker provides a reusable, microwavable bowl exclusively for cooking Ramen. This cool dorm product requires only half the typically required amount of water to cook Ramen, resulting in faster cooking.

For breakfast, college students are sure to love the Rollie Easy Egg Cooker. As an electric cooking appliance, this product has a vertical cooking chamber that’s fully enclosed, making it safer for dorms. Students can drop in a couple eggs for a fun-to-eat, eggs-on-a-stick breakfast. This handy cooking appliance for college students can also make pizza rolls, cinnamon rolls, and even French toast and more. And when it comes time to do dishes, students can use the Utensil Wipes, for a faster, easier clean. These wipes for dishes require no water and use natural ingredients with antimicrobial properties, not alcohol. Since college students have to do dishes in a communal bathroom, these wipes offer an easier, more convenient alternative.

The best dorm room supplies make dorm living more comfortable and convenient. A new product offering both these qualities is the Rest EZ – Removable Dorm Bedding Recliner Seat. By affixing a removable padded cushion to a dorm bed, college students can sit more comfortably atop their beds. Since students end up sitting on their beds so often—dorms never offer adequate seating—this recliner seat turns a dorm bed into the best seat in the house. And to make that bed more comfortable, students will truly enjoy the comfort of DormCo’s Softest Sheet Set Ever. These dorm-bedding sheets are thicker and cozier for colder nights. They’re also made from incredibly soft 330 GSM coral fleece. As for convenience while living in a dorm, the Clip UM! wall hanger is perfect for holding a variety of smaller dorm items. Dorm rooms are small, but it’s still easy to lose some items. This hook, with its adjustable-size clamps, can hold a toothbrush, hairbrush, or even an umbrella handle.

Some dorm items can even safeguard the well-being of other college supplies. The new Anti-Theft Lockdown Safe, for example, provides the perfect dorm safe for college students. This safe for college has a slash-proof pouch and locking cable to deter even the most determined dorm thieves. And to keep every student's most-used and most-valuable college-life supply safe, the Double Shield will make sure a cell phone’s screen is protected from any scratches or cracks. Students on the top bunk in dorm rooms are always prone to dropping their phones, making cracked screens a common problem. Still other dorm room supplies have safety measures of sorts of their own. DormCo’s Anti-Scratch Dorm Trunks are protected from scratches, knocks, and knicks, thanks to their durable, canvas-like exteriors. Dorm trunks are prone to damage as a result of the rigors of dorm move-in and move-out day. These trunks, however, can maintain their quality and new look for years.

Since all college students should include some just-for-fun dorm accessories, DormCo’s removable mullets are the perfect dorm supply for stirring up a few laughs. As they provide a headband with flowing, mullet-like hair affixed, these removable mullets provide just the humor college students love.
Keith Gillogly