New Gauteng Job Portal Aims to Help the Province's Unemployed

Johannesburg, South Africa, April 16, 2013 --( One of the biggest challenges facing Gauteng is to reduce its staggering 23.7%* unemployment rate. The government is working with businesses across the province to make that happen and has already created jobs for just over 700 young job seekers. a local job portal in South Africa aims to help business owners and recruiters to get access to the provinces unemployed skilled and unskilled workers through its website and social media platforms. The portal offers a free service to employers who can then go ahead and post their vacancies free of charge and have the applicants send their CV’s directly to their email inbox. All jobs posted to the website are then shared onto the sites social media outlets.

Job seekers also have the opportunity to create a profile and submit a CV both electronically and as an attachment. This increases the job seekers chances of being employed as some recruiters prefer to browse through CV’s online rather than bring to the attention of the public the fact that their client is hiring. Registered users have a great opportunity to register for job alerts so that they are notified immediately when a job is posted matching their CV.

The new website will focus its content on education, skills and career advice. Although in its infancy any providers who wish to share content can do so by emailing the editor for guidelines or by contacting the editor through its Facebook Fan Page. will help educate the youth on advice for job seekers and collect information from recruiters on what seekers could be doing to improve their chances of being employed. Often job seekers find that they apply in vain for work and never hear anything back on the progress of their applications. Through the introduction of the portal we wish to address these issues along with any others raised by frustrated users.

A problem faced by many job seekers today is that they don’t have access to the internet but they do have access to Facebook through their mobile cell phones. By concentrating the websites efforts on social media, Jobs Gauteng aims to help its unemployed users by sharing content from its website and by offering longer descriptions in its social shares. Then if the interested party wishes to apply they can then find the time to get access to a computer so they can then send their application through.

*Statistic from
Jobs Gauteng
David Kimberley