Zucano Social Travel Suggests New Friends Based on Destination Proximity

Zucano, the Social Travel Company™, has today declared the introduction of a new algorithm for increasing satisfaction on Social Travel activity by suggesting new people to meet based on geo-reference techniques.

Milan, Italy, April 17, 2013 --(PR.com)-- The main objective of this new release is to increase the ease of making new friends while traveling, one of the declared objectives of the recently launched service provided by Zucano Technologies. With this new feature every person joining a trip, made with one of the five transportation means supported by the platform, will get a short list of all the people he or she will be able to meet both during the journey and once arrived at destination.

“This recently developed algorithm takes into account a variety of pieces of information users provide us while using the service, like last travels performed (or next planned) with a common point of departure (destination) with the one object of research, or geo-referenced posts on social networks (like Foursqure check-ins, Facebook posts or Pinterest pins),” declares Luca Terzaroli, Zucano head of Research and Development department at Zucano Technologies; “this quite complex algorithm results in a convenient shortlist of users that the traveler can have the pleasure or curiosity to meet during his/ her next travel. We are going to integrate this with interests-based people suggestion algorithm we are currently working on,” he concludes.

In its essence, Zucano.com search engine allows a traveler to find new friends (or existing) traveling to same destination, “therefore facilitating this process is one of the key objective of our B2C strategy aiming at transforming Zucano in a community of socially-connected travelers” affirmed Marco Turchini, Zucano CEO.

“Social travelers typically look for information about their own travel destinations and in this process, identifying which are the people that can provide the most reliable suggestions and feedbacks is a fundamental step. That’s way Zucano is so committed on creating new valuable relationships among worldwide travelers,” comments Niel Thomson, Marketing Manager at Zucano Technologies citing “issues in TripAdvisor feedbacks reliability every travel magazine is talking about.”

Zucano Technologies is a high growth startup based in Milan operating in Social Travel industry. With a patented technology Zucano partners with Airlines, Railways and other travel industry operators to provide Social Travel functionality onto a variety of established services.

In addition it provides own free services to travelers at www.zucano.com.

For further information: media(at)zucano(dot)com.
Zucano Technologies
Niel Thomson