HPE Extrusion Solutions Manufactures Customized Nylon (Polyamide) Plastic Extrusions

Suburban Philadelphia manufacturer offers custom extruded nylon plastic parts, products and profiles for industrial applications.

Bally, PA, April 23, 2013 --(PR.com)-- HPE Extrusion Solutions, specialists in complex plastic extrusions, is offering extruded customized profiles and tubing from various grades of nylon (polyamide) for industrial, commercial and institutional applications.

Nylon is a highly versatile thermoplastic material that has been widely used for the manufacture of extruded products. Because of its combination of mechanical and electrical properties, along with its reasonable price, nylon has been the resin of choice for numerous industrial and commercial applications. Polyamides (nylon) are very resistant to wear and abrasion, exhibit good mechanical properties even at elevated temperatures, have low permeability to gases and demonstrate good chemical resistance. Nylon’s one weakness is its tendency to absorb moisture, which sometimes results in poor dimensional stability.

Nylon’s wear resistance is superior to many metals and other thermoplastic injection molding materials. Since its discovery in the early 1930s, nylon and its later variations have routinely replaced other materials, such as metal, brass, bronze, aluminum and rubber. When combined with its low coefficient of friction, polyamides (nylon) make an excellent choice for slides, bearings and devices subjected to motion and wear. For example, as a replacement for metal gears in machinery, nylon has found favor not only for its toughness, wear resistance and tensile strength, but for its ability to reduce noise, use less lubrication and increase gear life. Nylon is also readily machinable.

Although polyamides are often used for the production of films, hot-melt adhesives, binders, insulation, fiberglass and filaments, polyamide resins are most often used in the United States for the manufacture of extruded and molded parts, including gears, bearings, bushings, sprockets, wear pads, sheaves, pulleys, guides, tooling fixtures, cams, feed screws, wear rails, wear strips, housings, wear shoes, conveyer wheels, sleeves, insulators, scraper blades, rollers, die wear plates, telescoping boom, wear pads, slipper blocks, supports, form tools, star wheels, valve seats, wear rings, seals, wheels and rubbing blocks.

Because nylon’s natural color is milky white, it is readily adaptable to a wide variety of colors, additives and combinations.

HPE's machines' single screw units range from 3/4" to 2 1/2" which permits extrusions of a wide range of sizes and shapes, including profiles ranging in size from 1/16 to 5" profile with a virtually unlimited length.

Polyamides are just one of the many common and advanced thermoplastics resins that HPE is capable of extruding. Others include flexible and rigid PVC and polypropylene, polyethylene and innovative engineering resins, such as ABS/PVC alloys and difficult-to-run elastomers, such as acetal, Santoprene and glass-filled ABS.

For information, contact HPE Extrusions Solutions, 20 N. Front St., Suite #1, Bally, PA 19503; phone 610-845-9111; Fax 610-845-9113; Email: tmadison@hpeplasticextrusions.com Web: www.hpeplasticxtrusions.com
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