Worldwide Travel Group, LLC Signs the Tourism Child-Protection Code of Conduct

Mombasa, Kenya, April 18, 2013 --( During a small ceremony on Saturday morning Aurélie Sivadier, Executive Director of Worldwide Travel Group, LLC became the 3rd tour operator and 14th American company to sign the Tourism Child-Protection Code of Conduct (the Code) and have committed to implementing the six guidelines against the commercial sexual exploitation of children.

The group launched E-Trip Africa in 2012, which organizes safaris and treks in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, and Tanzania. “We believe that the only way to do business is by following a strong set of principles and ethics. East Africa is not very transparent and ethics are often set aside in favor of better returns. But in today’s global society, consumers don’t want to have any part in this. By providing an ethical and transparent option, we believe this will push the entire tourism sector in a more positive and sustainable direction,” explains Mathieu Lahalle, one of the groups directors.

The sexual exploitation of children is a rampant problem in many of the most popular tourist areas in Africa. Along the Kenyan coast it has been estimated that over 30% of children (boys and girls) between the ages of 12 and 18 are actively engaged in prostitution. This number nearly doubles for those that have sold their bodies at least one time before they were 18.

“We quickly recognized that among all of the negative impacts of tourism, Child Sexual Exploitation is clearly the most harmful, having such a direct impact on our children. We are proud to lead the way towards stomping out this unacceptable behavior,” said Aurélie just before signing the Code.

As a signatory of the Code, E-Trip Africa has created a policy against the sexual exploitation of children, will train staff on the issue, and educate customers.

“We are pressing the more than 250 hotels that we do business with to implement the code,” said Ben Jennings, the General Manager of E-Trip Africa. “So far there has been a positive response and the hotels and camps seem enthusiastic to clean up the image of the area.”

To fully implement the Code, E-Trip Africa will work in collaboration with ECPAT-USA, the leading policy organization in the United States which seeks to end the commercial sexual exploitation of children through awareness, advocacy, policy, and legislation.

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