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Thermal Matrix Condemns Boston Bombings

Washington, DC, April 18, 2013 --( As details continue to emerge following the Patriots’ Day explosions that killed three and injured more than 170 others at the Boston Marathon, a maker of concealed object threat detection technology, Thermal Matrix International, is condemning the attack and pledging support to prevent future tragedies.

“We extend our condolences and sympathy to the victims and their families, and remain committed to working with authorities to develop new technology that will help prevent future tragedies,” said Thermal Matrix International founder and CEO Richard Salem, “As we have seen, terrorism knows no boundaries, and we must be vigilant at home, just as we are abroad.”

Sources close to the investigation have said the bombs appear to have been inside metal pressure cookers, which in turn were placed inside backpacks. While there is no official word the attack is the work of any known group, nor linked to any motive, President Obama today called the tragedy “an act of terrorism.”

“Any time bombs are used to target innocent civilians, it is an act of terror,” the President said at the White House, telling reporters authorities still have not determined who is behind it. “Clearly, we’re at the beginning of our investigation. But we will find out. We will find whoever harmed our citizens, and we will bring them to justice. The American people refuse to be terrorized.”

Thermal Matrix develops systems that aid in the detection of PBIEDs, person-borne improvised explosive devices. By improving the capabilities of infrared sensors, authorities gain greater ability to detect the explosives that a suicide bomber may be hiding beneath clothing. The technology’s stand-off capability gives security forces the additional distance and time they need to intervene before tragedy strikes.

Features of the Thermal Matrix ACT2 and IP-500 systems include improved concealed object threat detection through target identification, target tracking, and color analysis of potential PBIEDs. These systems also provide ability to display and control the imagery of multiple sensors, adding DVR functions so scenes can quickly be reviewed or archived. All of these features combine to improve the operator’s ability to use IR sensors for concealed object detection.

“We have complete faith in the ability of our police and legal system to find those responsible for the Boston bombings, and bring them to justice,” Salem said. “Our work at Thermal Matrix remains focused on developing even greater technology that can be used to prevent similar attacks in the future.”

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