DogEar App Organizes and Sets Reminder Alerts for Important iPhone Photos of People, Places and Things

New app from bloomfield knoble provides simple interface that makes it simple to store visual information on your iPhone and then be reminded of people, places and events.

Dallas, TX, April 18, 2013 --( DogEar, released recently to the Apple App Store, takes a simple idea and translates it into the digital world. DogEar allows you to take a picture of something you want to remember and organize it on your phone in custom folders. You can then set the app to remind you about it at a later date.

When you see an article, flyer, picture or location you want to remember to read or follow up on later, you don't always have time to write it down or take it with you. But you can take a picture and create a virtual DogEar.

“I was always seeing articles on planes or flyers in coffee shops that I wanted to read later, or remember the details and dates of an event,” says Chris Weatherley, partner at bloomfield knoble, inc., the agency who produced DogEar. “But I didn’t want to take the whole magazine, or remove the flyer. I needed a better way to keep and remember these things, without the clutter of hundereds of photos. That’s how the idea for DogEar came about.”

DogEar takes the simple idea of turning down the corner of a page to remember it for later and puts it on your iPhone. Users take a picture – or import an existing photo – using the app, then file it into custom folders. If they need to be reminded because it’s for an event (or even a parking space), DogEar has an alerts function tied to specific images that will remind you on a certain day and time.

“We wanted to make an app that addresses this specific need, without the bloat of other apps that are intended for robust business use and do a thousand things,” says Weatherley. “We kept it simple so users can quickly create their DogEars and get on with their day.”

DogEar is available at the Apple App Store for .99. Promotional codes are available to the press for review purposes.

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