Woodlake Commodity Solutions Launches New Data Hub in London

Woodlake Commodity Solutions today revealed the christening of a new data processing hub in London, UK.

London, United Kingdom, April 18, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Concomitantly, the Technological Management Group (TMG) instigated various IT upgrades. These upgrades promote improved tractability, dependability, and capacity of Woodlake Commodity Solutions to process various global transactions. Increased dependability and capacity – the new hub is a major breakthrough in Woodlake Commodity Solutions multi-tier technology enhancements, that give rise to Woodlake Commodity Solutions possessing three orchestrated, safe, and dependable data hubs, with all three competent to handle the firm’s high volume of transactions that takes place 24/7, especially during unpredicted natural disasters, emergencies, or system breakdown. Immediate fail-over capability between Woodlake Commodity Solutions and the data hubs assures continued transactions and services delivery.

Woodlake Commodity Solutions’ advocacy to constant technology enhancements is what sets us apart and enables us to deliver uninterrupted services to our clients all over the world. To us, we understand the vital role Woodlake Commodity Solutions plays in the daily transaction of its clients. The TMG recognizes the importance of being able to back up client activities, safeguarding of data, and facilitating continuous services,” said Allan Howard, TMG Chief. “As we open our third data hub within 3 years and fulfil the 4th phase of the 5-year technology transition plan, we are strengthening our technological capabilities for better transaction experience.”

Situated in London, UK, Woodlake Commodity Solutions’ new data hub is a 450,000 square foot, advanced facility designed to handle multi-tiered authorization mechanisms and handle millions of transactions every day. With more than 250,000 square feet of elevated floor area, the hub is home to one of the industry’s most cutting-edge processing services and can efficiently handle 15,000 ++ transactions per second. Woodlake Commodity Solutions’ new data hub fulfils a worldwide system of five data hubs on four continents linking more than 18,000 financial alliances, vendors, clients, exchanges, and 2,000 grid endpoints globally.
Woodlake Commodity Solutions
Jason Reid