SGS Battery Testing Expert to Speak at the Smart EV and HEV Battery Production Conference in Darmstadt, Germany

SGS Battery Testing expert Detlef Hoffmann, will speak at the Smart EV and HEV Battery Production Conference in Darmstadt, taking place from April 22 to 24, 2013. His presentation will focus on the principal safety requirements and assessments as well as effective testing methods for lithium-ion batteries.

Darmstadt, Germany, April 19, 2013 --( The Smart EV and HEV Battery Production Conference is the only international forum focusing on battery production for electric vehicle (EV) and hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) batteries. As part of its mission to foster innovation for batteries within the automotive industry, the event brings together leading companies and research institutes to discuss major issues.

SGS is pleased to announce that the company expert Detlef Hoffmann, Business Development Manager at SGS Germany, has been invited to speak at this important automotive industry conference.

The forum takes place from April 22 to 24, 2013 in Darmstadt, Germany and will feature two days of expert panels followed by one day devoted to interactive workshops. Key topics will include cost-effective new manufacturing methods and processes in cell and battery production as well as recent developments in materials and quality assurance.

On April 23, 2013, the SGS expert will talk about effective testing of lithium-ion batteries, particularly with regard to important safety requirements, environmental simulation and accelerated life cycle tests. Moreover, Detlef Hoffmann will discuss what determines battery cell safety and how to assess and test safety of lithium-ion battery packs.

About SGS Battery Testing Services

Developing batteries of the highest quality that are safe and reliable is a complex challenge in today’s competitive market. SGS Battery Testing is a recognized partner of the automotive and battery industries and is able to provide all of the technical verification required. Whether cells, protection circuits, battery management systems, modules or battery packs, the SGS ISO 17025 accredited laboratories can test products against OEM specifications and established standards including ISO 12405 and UN 38.3 (lithium-ion), as well as for battery performance, endurance and safety.

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