New Pricing Announced for Pill-Free Omega-3 and Protein Powder Bundles

Both Key Lime & Lemon Meringue flavors of Omega3ProteinPruTect from Dr. Chad Prusmack are now 34% less thanks to increased demand and larger production runs.

Highlands Ranch, CO, April 19, 2013 --( The pill-free bundle of omega-3 fish oil and protein powder, Omega3ProteinPruTect, can now be purchased for $93.95 in Key Lime flavor (was $142.99) with Lemon Meringue now $91.95 (was $139.99). This new price represents a 34% reduction and is available exclusively on

Omega3ProteinPruTect is comprised of two nutritional supplements: OmegaSmoothiePruTect and ProteinPruTect.


OmegaSmoothiePruTect is a GMP certified, highly absorbable liquid fish oil that features up to 1,500 mg of the essential fatty acids EPA and DHA, per serving—without fishy taste, huge pills and gas and bloating.

Award-Winning Taste & Effectiveness

In recognition of both great taste and positive health impact, the formula in OmegaSmoothiePruTect won Gold for Best Healthy Oils & EFAs in the 2012 Alive Awards and the 2011 Best of Supplements Award by Better Nutrition Magazine.


ProteinPruTect in particular is in such high demand that PruTectRx has been able to dramatically increase its production run, and wishes to pass along these savings to ProteinPruTect customers, so more people can experience its all-natural, gluten-free and GMP certified formula that features:

· Non-genetically modified pea & rice vegetable protein to maximize absorption
· Serum-derived immunoglobulin concentrate: antibodies that boost immunity
· Arabinogalactan: a prebiotic that enhances digestion and balances immune response
· Glucoraphanin: converts to sulforaphane in the body, the ultimate antioxidant
· Glutamine: an essential amino acid that aids brain function and digestion

"ProteinPruTect is the only protein powder on the market optimized for both accelerating recovery from surgery but also for optimizing daily wellness," said Dr. Chad Prusmack, MD—the neurosurgeon who founded PruTectRx. Went on to say, "Combined with OmegaSmoothiPruTect, and you get all of your all daily omega-3, aminos, immno-stimulation, GI support, and brain protection needs—pill-free when it's difficult to eat and swallow, especially following cervical spine surgery."

About PruTectRx

To provide greater public access to the highest quality and most effective nutritional supplements to accelerate recovery from surgery and to optimize daily wellness, Dr. Chad Prusmack, MD, created the PruTect Series. Available exclusively on, the PruTect Series features GMP certified, all natural, gluten-free nutritional supplements used personally used by Dr. Prusmack and which he also recommends to his patients, highlighted by SurgiPack and WellnessPruTect. For more information about the PruTect Series line of nutritional supplements, please visit
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