Puts Together Impactful Online Presentation for Instant Snore Away Invention

Miami, FL, April 20, 2013 --( Raymond F., Arizona resident and inventor, recently contracted invention assistance leader to author an informative and dynamic online presentation for his Instant Snore Away invention. An innovative new product designed to effectively address an extremely prevalent sleeping-related problem, the Instant Snore Away features a unique design that provides its users with a comfortable and unobtrusive solution to snoring tendencies and the disturbances and disruption they cause.

The Instant Snore Away will be a much less expensive alternative to other options available to address the issue of snoring, such as a CPAP machine or surgery. The product will be extremely lightweight and comfortable for its users, will allow for deep and uninterrupted sleep, and will also produce very positive residual benefits for those who sleep in the same room as someone with a sleep disorder. The inventor of the Instant Snore Away is hopeful of the product finding success through outlets and catalogs selling sleeping aids.

This original idea is now being made available for licensing to manufacturers interested in new product development, especially in the sleeping aids industry. Raymond F. is hoping to have the Instant Snore Away in full production and available to the public within the very near future.

After including the inventor and preliminary, non-confidential information about his product idea at no charge for a 1 year term in their proprietary database of invention information, the National Directory of American Inventors,’s professional staff of writers and graphic illustrators then created an Online Product Presentation for the Instant Snore Away, helping to clarify how the invention works and looks. A General Field-of-Art search through the database of the United States Patent and Trademark Office was also completed by an independent, registered patent attorney in order to provide the inventor with perspective on some prior art within the general category of his idea.

Having had an opportunity to review and approve the Online Product Presentation, Raymond F. is now weighing the decision as to whether to accept's New Product Publicity and Marketing Program proposal. Under the proposal, would represent Raymond F.'s Instant Snore Away for 2 years through a collection of dynamic promotional materials such as press releases, product brochures, digital renditions, a password-protected website, and other visual mediums such as a New Product DVD and potentially, an interactive virtual reality presentation.

If the inventor opts to enter into the New Product Publicity and Marketing Program, representatives would also actively follow up with any manufacturers and marketers that display an interest in potentially licensing the Instant Snore Away.

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