Free eBook Dollars & Sense Excites Real Estate Investors

Cash Flow Depot, a real estate investor training website, announces that they are giving a free eBook on Amazon from April 19 to 20. Dollars & Sense is written by legendary real estate investor, Jack Miller, who shares valuable and insightful investing tips.

Dallas, TX, April 20, 2013 --( Many people are thrilled that Cash Flow Depot is giving away a free eBook on Amazon. Cash Flow Depot members, real estate investors and plenty of book enthusiasts are already anticipating this free book on April 19 and 20. This real estate book is in line with the online training courses offered by Cash Flow Depot, as it offers valuable information for both beginners and experienced real estate investors.

Dollars & Sense teaches the fundamentals of selecting, locating, negotiating and financing real estate. It particularly focuses on single family houses and how they present a lot of income opportunities for investors. In addition to the buying and selling of houses, the author also teaches the basics on property rentals and earning from these investments with minimum risk. Dollars & Sense is all about making money in both challenging and booming markets.

“I love Jack Miller’s books and will definitely visit Amazon this weekend," says Rhys of Dallas, Texas. “His eBooks are informative, helpful and offer strategies that I have already applied in my real estate investing business. I am looking forward to getting my free eBook this weekend!”

“My favorite chapter is the one entitled, What’s the Best Investment for a Beginner,” says Jackie Lange, general manager of Cash Flow Depot. “Teaching new investors is what our company does best. I recommend this book to beginner investors as well as those who want to further increase their real estate portfolios. Come to Amazon on April 19 and 20 to get your free eBook, Dollars & Sense,” she further adds.

“This free eBook is a great opportunity to learn effective investing strategies,” says another investor. “I have heard about Jack and how he has helped a lot of investors. I’m definitely downloading his free book this weekend!”

The author, Jack Miller, is touted as a “legend” in real estate investing because he has devised risk-free ways of making money in real estate. He is the “go to” person at Cash Flow Depot and the person you should talk with about problems in real estate investing. In addition to Dollars & Sense, Jack also wrote “Foreclosure Fortunes”, “Landlord Tenant Survival Manual”, and “Power Negotiation” among others. Jack’s 45-year experience in real estate investing has taught him a lot of things, and this he shares in all of his books.

The free eBook, “Dollars & Sense”, is available on Amazon from April 19 to 20. After this period, this real estate book will again retail at $4.99. Cash Flow Depot is only asking for a review after reading the book. Interested parties may visit to download the book or find more information about it.

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