ExamJet Quiz Maker 3.0 is Released

Igneon Software today released ExamJet Quiz Maker, a Windows desktop application that provides the best quiz management experience for teachers.

Walnut, CA, April 25, 2013 --(PR.com)-- ExamJet Quiz Maker can store unlimited number of question banks and publish them with different options. It consists of two programs - Test Manager and Tester.

Test Manager is a part of ExamJet Quiz Maker, consists of several modules. Each of them represents isolated section of the program. Test Manager allows to assign specific permissions to different users so that, they will be able to work in the sphere of their competence.

Question Editor is a complete solution to manage question banks. It can create new question banks, add questions and possible answers, arrange them in categories, set points to each question and add feedback on correct/incorrect answer. In Question Editor it is possible to create seven types of question:

* Multiple Choice
* Multiple Answers
* True/False
* Sequence
* Matching
* Fill in the Blank
* Numeric

ExamJet Quiz Maker can publish question banks with different options, it can combine multiple question banks into one quiz, assign permissions to the student groups and set restrictions. Test Manager can shuffle questions and answers which makes harder for quiz takers to remember the possible answer by its position. Also, instructor can insert a license agreement or quiz introduction in the published quiz.

Instructors can add students and student groups in the database and then track their results. Every student can receive an unique access code to take a quiz, which guarantees more security and confidentiality.

Instructors can get detailed statistics about each test or quiz, students and their answers. Also, they can generate and print different reports. On the detailed view window, instructors can see information about results, for example how much time did it take for student to finish the quiz. Instructors can also see each question he/she answered, and was the student right or wrong.

Test Manager has a most intuitive and flexible user management system. It is possible to create a role with desired permissions and then add users in it.

ExamJet Quiz Maker can store different grading scales and instructor can choose which grading scale to use during the test.

ExamJet Quiz Maker can work with two different databases, it can use a local database for personal usage, or Microsoft SQL Server editions as a remote database.
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