Las Vegas Mortgage Approved Right After Doing a Short Sale

Despite being told it was impossible, a Las Vegas REALTOR has put together an incredible and successful program for Las Vegas Buyers to get financing right away after a short sale or foreclosure.

Las Vegas, NV, April 25, 2013 --( When contemplating a short sale or even foreclosure, homeowners are warned about the consequences – i.e., the drop in FICO scores or the waiting period to buy again. It is quite daunting.

So, in the last few months, Las Vegas REALTOR Rob Flitton “The Closer”, a top REALTOR in Las Vegas, began working with a local portfolio mortgage company on an exciting new program, together they just got yet another Las Vegas Home buyer approved today for a mortgage only weeks after completing a Las Vegas short sale.

“We thought it was impossible,” Rob’s client told him today in an emotionally charged voice, “and now we and our children will have our own home again. Thank you!”

The program guidelines are important to understand, and include a higher down payment and interest rate, and is only for single-family homes – all of which is explained on Rob’s website. Rob also has an excellent YouTube video pointing out the important features.

“This changes the game for a lot of people interested in getting financing in the Las Vegas real estate market,” declares Rob proudly. In fact, many other local REALTORS have been calling and emailing Rob about the program.

Combined with Las Vegas’s many recent positive press releases about economic development in Las Vegas, the Las Vegas housing market is starting to look quite favorable again.
Rob Flitton