Lessons for Becoming a Good Listener Now Available via Smartphones and Tablets

Shubiki Corporation, Japan's leading business content provider, has released new courses for attentive listening skills for their education application BISCUE App in English, Spanish and Japanese.

Tokyo, Japan, April 26, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Shubiki Corporation, Japan's leading business content provider, has released new courses entitled "Communication Strength Building - Listening" for their business skills improvement application "BISCUE App", in 3 languages (English, Spanish, and Japanese), for smartphones and tablets in the global market.

In a modern era where the skills for communication in business become even more important, the crucial point in practice is to be able to pull the speech out from any person in any circumstances.

Listening to the speech with careful attention makes a speaker feel comfortable, confident and motivated to convey their real message to the listener, thus enabling both parties to communicate in efficient and effective manners.

This series first describes the significance of listening attentively, and explains the points to consider for becoming a "good listener" in a variety of business scenes.

BISCUE App is an education application that provides the business professionals with opportunities to learn business skills via smartphones and tablets in multiple languages including English, Spanish and Japanese.

Details of the new titles available through the BISCUE App with this release will be as follows.

About BISCUE App

Provided for the following platforms:
- Application name: BISCUE (Product name: BISCUE App)
- Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Requires iOS 5.1 or later.
- Compatible with other platforms in the future
Language: English, Spanish, Japanese

About "Communication Strength Building - Listening"

Provided in the following editions in each language and multilingual set.
- Communication Strength Building - Listening Set Edition
- Communication Strength Building - Listening 1.What is Listening
- Communication Strength Building - Listening 2.Be a Good Listener
- Communication Strength Building - Listening 3.Pull the Speech Out
- Communication Strength Building - Listening 4.Guide Towards a Conclusion

Since 1993, the Shubiki Corporation has been a provider of business education materials entitled "BISCUE" (short for "Business Rescue") to a variety of companies and enterprises in Japan. BISCUE presently provides over 500 different courses, and is now available as an application "BISCUE App" for smartphones and tablets. BISCUE App has been developed around the most current training materials being used in Japanese business, and is localized to English and Spanish editions for the use of respective native learners.

One of the features of the BISCUE App content is its ability to go into the detailed aspects of business in practice, rather than just describing the theories. With the use of QBL (Question Based Learning), BISCUE App constantly motivates its users and allows them to learn the practical know-hows of business in combination with descriptive narrations.

When localized, the content is not only translated but also adjusted to meet the culture, customs and requirements in each language speaking region. Using this concept, BISCUE App aims to provide global business professionals with an opportunity to learn cross-cultural practices and improve multilingual skills.

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About Shubiki Corporation
Shubiki Corporation is a cross-media digital content provider of various business subjects. The content including over 500 pre-packaged titles under the brand name of "BISCUE Business Content", is supplied in various media such as apps, e-learning and m-learning among others. The courses are used mainly by organizational users in Japan which include global corporations, small and medium sized companies, government, public organizations, and universities.

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