Prevent Teen Substance Abuse: 5 New Suggestions Released by Problem with Teen

Protect your teens from substance abuse by using prevention techniques released by Problem with Teen. Parents can help at risk youth avoid the use of drugs, drinking alcohol, and abusing prescription drugs by using the five prevention techniques suggested in new article.

St. George, UT, April 27, 2013 --( According to a study released by Nida, Monitoring the Future, the amount of teens using alcohol and smoking cigarettes has declined, while the amount of teens abusing prescription drugs and smoking marijuana has increased in the last five years.

As these numbers continue to rise parents play a critical role in preventing their teens from using drugs. The five suggestions for preventing teen substance abuse include; build self-esteem, set aside family time, create an open book policy, get your teen involved, and know your teen’s friends.

Parents who have a teen who is struggling with substance abuse or other behavioral problems may be at loss for what to do. Problem with Teens encourages parents to get educated and become proactive in their teen’s life. Talking to a teen about drugs consistently is great tool for prevention. Initiating the conversation about drugs will let them know you are approachable.

Problem with Teens is a featured program by Eagle Ranch Academy focused on educating parents with troubled teens. Our goal is to help your child. We are dedicated to making a difference in the life of troubled teens. Our purpose is to affect the lives of young men and women and their families in a way that creates an attitude of giving rather than taking, and provides a solid foundation. Visit Problem with Teens for more information on what you can do to help your teen. For questions or further comments contact us at 866-998-7095.

Eagle Ranch Academy, our goal is to help your child.

Wesley Bledsoe
Wesley Bledsoe