Parity Energy Selects Guardtime for Regulatory Compliant Voice Archiving

Parity Energy, announced it has selected Guardtime for long term archiving of voice messaging.

Boston, MA, April 28, 2013 --( Parity Energy, the innovative provider of electronic and voice brokerage services for options on natural gas and crude oil, announced it has selected Guardtime for long term archiving of voice messaging.

Parity Energy Chief Executive Charles Reyl said: “Dodd Frank regulations put in place new rules for archiving voice communications. Guardtime’s KSI state-of-the-art technology allows us to adapt to the new regulatory environment and guarantee the integrity of our voice archives without resorting to outdated hardware-based solutions.”

Guardtime ( CEO Mike Gault commented: “We are thrilled to have Parity Energy as our first Wall Street customer. Today’s archiving solutions were designed almost a century ago and are still based on the same outdated approach – by securing the data in tamper-evident physical hardware it is possible to authenticate the data inside. By using Guardtime’s KSI technology in combination with modern object store storage it is possible to do everything in software giving ten times performance improvement at one tenth of the cost of traditional EMC hardware solutions.”

Most recently, Guardtime ( announced a partnership with the Ningbo Certificate Authority in Zhejiang province in People’s Republic of China to bring proof of time and integrity to government services, with Japan Drones to provide additional layer of security for UAV control software, with Philippine government to validate physical document integrity, and with CAT Telecom, the state-owned telecommunications incumbent in Thailand.

About Parity Energy:
OTC Markets Modernized - Parity Energy matches institutional buyers and sellers of energy options. Unique in its category, Parity delivers the combined benefits of electronic trading and high-quality voice service through the Parity Energy Platform (PEP). PEP is Parity's award-winning electronic trader-to-trader marketplace for off-exchange cleared options. PEP combines an electronic order book, request for quote capability, system connectivity and full support from Parity and third-party voice brokers. Parity operates as an exempt commercial market and expects to transition to a swap execution facility. Parity Futures is a NFA-registered independent introducing broker. Learn more at

About Guardtime:
Guardtime was founded with the goal of solving one of the biggest problems in computing: how to authenticate electronic data. Guardtime's Keyless Signatures provide proof of signing time, signing entity and data integrity while the verification of the signature can be done offline without reliance on keys, secrets, or the existence of a trusted third party. Guardtime's mission is to change the world to one in which Keyless Signatures are ubiquitous and a natural part of the everyday data lifecycle, whether on disk, in transit, or in the Cloud. Visit for more information about keyless data authentication.

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