Extensive Asian Patent Collections Added to PatBase, the Industry-Leading Global Patent Database

Minesoft and RWS Group today announced the addition of important new Asian patent collections to further strengthen their global patent database, PatBase.

London, United Kingdom, May 01, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Reflecting the dramatic increase in patenting activity originating from Asian countries such as Japan and Korea, the coverage of non-Latin patent data in PatBase is being significantly expanded to ensure that intellectual property professionals have access to this critical and growing source of prior art information and competitive intelligence.

Working with partners RWS Group – the leading European patent and technical search and translation company – Minesoft has recently expanded bibliographic and full text coverage for Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Vietnam. This is in addition to patent collections from China, South Korea and other Asian patent-issuing authorities. PatBase currently contains collections from over 100 worldwide patent authorities, all searchable from a single platform.

Alongside new data collections, an ongoing project to translate assignee names from non-Latin into English for the top patent filers in China, Japan, Korea and Thailand, gives PatBase users a distinct advantage. Records which only have non-Latin members will have a searchable Latin (English) assignee name well in advance of the bibliographic details being made available. So far over 10,000 translated assignee names have been added.

To ensure patent information users globally can access the 46 million record – strong database, value-added features such as on-demand machine translations and cross-lingual search tools including the Language Explorer and Term Translator (powered by the World Intellectual Property Organization’s Cross-Lingual Information Retrieval System) have been integrated to help search and review patent data in many different languages, and in both Latin and non-Latin text. The web interface itself is available in English and Japanese, with a Chinese version due for release later in 2013.

According to recent figures from WIPO, China, South Korea and Japan were amongst the top 5 countries for number of international patent applications in 2012 – all exhibiting growth in the tens of thousands compared to the previous year. This trend reinforces the need to invest in both behind-the-scenes technology to ensure the high quality of non-Latin data and translations, and in developing features that help users to overcome the challenges of searching and reviewing it in PatBase. This investment remains a long-term priority for Minesoft and RWS Group.

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