Randall-Reilly Completes Overhaul of Pro Trucker Website

Randall-Reilly, the leading publishing entity for the trucking industry, has completed an extensive overhaul of its interactive recruiting website, Pro Trucker Online, as part a company-wide rebranding.

Tuscaloosa, AL, May 02, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Randall-Reilly, the leading publishing company for the trucking industry, has completed a revamp of its website and online recruiting page at ProTruckerOnline.com, part of the company’s overall rebranding effort to offer a more interactive suite of tools and services to better serve the demands of the industry.

The new look, says Brent Reilly, President of Randall-Reilly, is part of an overall rebranding campaign that aims to elevate trucking publication giant from "magazine guys" to a comprehensive multi-media, solutions-based business.

"Instead of waiting on the audience to come to us, we go where they are and offer our clients cross-channel marketing solutions,” Reilly said.

Reilly added the rebranding efforts began with the decision to change the entire look and structure of the business using a top to bottom approach that included changes to company logos, as well as the taglines associated with them. Salespeople who once offered ads in magazines are now account managers, equipped to offer customized data and media solutions, extending a comprehensive approach to consolidating the entire company to present a more unified brand.

Pro Trucker Online is an interactive recruiting website for Randall-Reilly, and as such, it was given an exciting new facelift to reflect an overall rebranding campaign. From its earliest version as Pro Trucker magazine, the publication has been one of the industry's premier industry resources, used by highly rated trucking companies to connect qualified drivers to available truck driving jobs. The online version of Pro Trucker has performed the same function for several years. However, Randall-Reilly managers believe that these new changes to the website will boost its effectiveness immeasurably by helping truck drivers navigate the flood of industry news and job openings available to them.

The new-look version of ProTruckerOnline.com takes in all of the latest elements in sleek, efficient website design. Drivers and trucking companies may now find enhanced navigational tools and consolidated industry news specifically designed with them in mind. Pro Trucker Online provides free access to the best companies in the trucking industry through a premier application system that is completely secure. In addition, the new site also is able to capture all of a trucker's pertinent information to direct them to the best truck driving jobs currently available.

“The entire trucking industry will have a much better sense of the overall changes that have taken place at Randall-Reilly after visiting the new Pro Trucker Online,” said Reilly. “This re-energized recruiting website is a fitting reflection of the success of the Randall-Reilly rebranding efforts and our transition from industry publishers to a technology and data-driven company.

For more information about Pro Trucker Online and Randall-Reilly call 800-633-5953 or visit their websites.

About Randall-Reilly: Randall-Reilly has been considered one of the nation’s leading publishers for the trucking industry for more than 75 years. The Tuscaloosa, Alabama –based company has evolved from a magazine originally created to better the lives of truckers to a nationally recognized brand and solutions-based multi-media company. The company’s suite of products and services includes industry trade shows, award-winning publications, and recruiting websites, such as ProTruckerOnline.com. Randall-Reilly continues to live by four core principles that have guided them throughout their history: to provide open communication, adaptive solutions, innovative ideas, and effective products.
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