Australia Opens Its Doors to Britain’s Key Workers

The Australian Government has announced another round of sweeping changes to its immigration policies which will make it easier for young, English speaking British skilled workers to emigrate to Australia.

London, United Kingdom, August 17, 2007 --( The Australian Government has significantly altered its points-based system because it is looking for more immigrants after increasing its immigration target numbers to the country’s highest levels ever for skilled workers, up from 97,000 to a record 102,550 for the year.

Previously, professional workers struggled to reach the 120 point threshold for a Skilled Visa leading to permanent residency because they were only awarded 20 points for their English language ability. However, as of September 1, anyone passing an optional standardised English language test will receive 25 points rather than 20.

Chris Cook of the Australian Visa Bureau, said: “The Australian Government realises it is lacking workers in many professions which it desperately needs to fill so the country is throwing its doors open to huge numbers of skilled and experienced British people.”

The immigration changes affect key professional workers required to fill skills gaps in Australia’s growing economy, including teachers, doctors, nurses, dentists, IT professionals, finance managers, civil engineers, HR managers, engineering managers, aeronautical engineers, supply and distribution managers.

Chris Cook added: “The implications of these changes are vast. The Australian Government is looking for more immigrants than ever before. The changes are directed at nurses, IT workers and those in the trades, and making it easier for them to meet the minimum eligibility requirements. We would advise anyone considering emigrating to Australia to visit the Australian Visa Bureau at where they can fill out a simple visa assessment form to see if they are eligible under the new proposed legislation.”

The Skilled Migration program in Australia awards visas on a points basis depending on age, language, occupation, skills and experience. A total of 120 points will make an applicant eligible for an Independent Skilled Visa entitling the applicant and his or her family to a Permanent Residency Visa which allows them to live and work anywhere in Australia.

Other professions being actively sought by the Australian Government via its Migration Occupations in Demand List (MODL) include: accountants, carpenters, plumbers, engineers, locksmiths, painters and decorators, architects, metal machinists, quantity surveyors, chefs, bakers, bricklayers, cabinet makers, child care coordinators, mechanics, pastry cooks, plasterers and toolmakers. For a full list of all occupations on the list and to see if your profession is currently in demand, please view the complete Australian MODL at

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