Newsletter Helps Sales & Marketing Professionals to Break Through the Marketing Noise and Communicate with Their Customers

Write On Results, a direct mail firm specializing in real handwriting, launched the Pen & Paper Marketing eNewsletter which shares real world, proven ideas on how readers can simplify their marketing efforts and grow their businesses.

Frederick, MD, August 17, 2007 --( Executing an effective marketing plan that successfully reaches customers can be a huge challenge. Now that there are blogs, pod-casting, social networking sites, mobile devices and many other new ways to reach customers, marketers are even more overwhelmed by their options. It can be easy to become buried in technical details and lose sight of what's most important - customers.

To address this issue, Write On Results, a company that specializes in real handwritten direct mail, has launched the Pen & Paper Marketing eNewsletter which focuses on simple and effective marketing techniques. Each month, the Pen & Paper Marketing newsletter shares ideas on easy ways to streamline and improve sales and marketing efforts.

"Not only are marketing and sales professionals overwhelmed by the many ways to potentially reach their customers, but their customers are overwhelmed as well," said Kathy Hrach, President of Write On Results and author of the Pen & Paper Marketing Newsletter. "Our philosophy at Write On Results is to keep things personal and simple - which is why we offer real handwritten mailings. The Pen & Paper Marketing newsletter extends our back-to-the-basics direct mail philosophy towards all areas of marketing and sales."

The Pen & Paper Marketing newsletter features tips for simplifying your marketing, recommended business reading, and motivational quotes from other successful business owners. Topics will range from "Learning from Others' Mistakes", "Why We Should Send Thank You Cards", and other simple marketing approaches.

"The ideas in our Pen & Paper Marketing newsletter can be useful for any business professional who is looking to break through the noise and build real conversations and relationships with their customers," said Hrach. "It shares suggestions that come from our experiences as both a marketing company and as a growing business."

The Pen & Paper Marketing newsletter, which launched in July 2007, is available as a free subscription on the Write On Results website.

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Write On Results provides real handwriting services that dramatically increase direct mail response rates by 400% or more. They use real people and real pens to hand address their clients' mail, guaranteeing that their mailings are opened and improving their return on investment.

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