Liquid Packaging Solutions Offers Turntable Special in May

Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc., a LaPorte, Indiana based packaging machine manufacturer, has discounted prices for 45" stainless steel turntables through the month of May. Both loading and accumulating turntables are currently available from LPS for $3,300.00.

La Porte, IN, May 03, 2013 --( Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc. has announced that all 45" stainless steel turntables will be available at discounted prices throughout the month of May in 2013. The special price of $3,300.00 applies to both the stainless steel accumulating and the stainless steel loading turntables.

Loading turntables are often used to introduce bottles to a semi-automatic or automatic packaging line. The stainless steel material allows the turntables to be used in a variety of environments and for an array of products, though other construction materials are available for acids, bleaches and other harsh chemicals. These turntables use a bottle guide system to introduce the bottles to the power conveyor, which in turn carries the bottles upstream to liquid fillers, capping machines and other packaging equipment.

Accumulating turntables are most often found at the end of a packaging line. These turntables receive bottles as they exit the power conveyor and will usually gather bottles to be packed for shipping. However, accumulating turntables can be put in place anywhere on a packaging system for quality control checks, manual packaging jobs or any other necessary task. Since the accumulating turntable is not introducing bottles to the power conveyor system, it will not include the bottle guide found on the loading turntables.

The $3,300 dollar price for the 45" stainless steel turntables will only last through the end of May. Those interested in obtaining these turntables should contact Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc. directly at 1-888-393-3693 or by email at
Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc.
Erik Arndt