A New Product from Nisus Corporation Offers Dramatic Cost Savings and Environmental Benefits to Swimming Pool Owners

Rockford, TN, May 03, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Nisus Corporation brought the green revolution to termite treatments in new construction and to wood preservation of railroad ties and utility poles. Now they are turning their attention to swimming pools. The company has created and patented a liquid borate mineral salt pool additive that is saving pool and spa owners a significant amount of money. It can reduce a pool’s chemical costs by as much as 40% and allow customers to reduce the amount of time the pool pump needs to run to keep the pool clean. In fact, PoolProof customers have reduced the time their pump needs to run by as much as half – saving up to $300/year.

The product is added just once to the pool and topped up annually if necessary. It has the ability to counter increases in both acid and base effectively, eliminating the need to constantly add chemicals to adjust the pH up and down to make the oxidizer and sanitizer work properly. PoolProof also extends the life of sanitizers like chlorine. If pH is too low, chlorine flashes off, reducing the ability to sanitize the water. If the pH is too high, chlorine is all converted to chlorite and is no longer very effective. Once PoolProof is added, the pH remains stable, allowing the sanitizers to work better and last longer – no more catastrophic algal blooms in summer if you forget to add the oxidizer on time.

In addition to its ‘green’ impact, the product also creates a “mineral bath” feeling of the water, making skin feel soft and smooth and reducing the dry skin normally associated with pools. Eye irritation is also greatly reduced.

Another surprising benefit is that the borate crystals actually increase the refractory index of the water, making the pool water sparkle. “It makes a noticeable difference in how the pool looks,” says Dr. Jeff Lloyd, Nisus Corporate Vice President of Research & Development and inventor of the product. Lloyd remarks, “It's what we hear most from customers – they tell us their pools have never looked better.”

“In my 33 years in business, I have never seen a product that had such tremendous feedback from customers,” says Jim Gorman, Corporate Vice President of Marketing for Nisus. “It’s great when a green solution comes along that can reduce environmental impact and save money.”

For more information, including a video demonstrating how the product works, and to purchase PoolProof and the related Spa Proof product, visit www.poolproof.com.
Nisus Corporation
Sean Smith