Forbidden Fruits Make an Impact in the Industry is the new online retailer for 2013 specializing in lingerie and sex toys and they have already made an impact in the industry.

Manchester, United Kingdom, May 04, 2013 --( is the new adult sex toy company for 2013 and has already made an impact in the industry. Their website was launched in the middle of April this year and they have seen continually increasing sales.

In addition to the online shop, Forbidden Fruits have taken the bold step of beginning to offer Ladies Night parties at both private and corporate venues throughout the UK. In order to meet demand for these parties throughout the North West, Forbidden Fruits have begun to recruit reps following their positive feedback from customers who claim to prefer the new, Forbidden Fruits in comparison to larger brands.

Forbidden Fruits’ customer Mrs S Jackson commented: “I will certainly purchase more from Forbidden Fruits, there is no more shopping with other, similar companies for me that’s for sure and I’m looking forward to seeing more products at great, affordable prices.”

Forbidden Fruits aim to provide products and a service that is accessible to all women with varied amounts of income rather than having extremely high priced products that some may not be able to afford. Rhiannon Hayes, Marketing Manager commented: “At Forbidden Fruits we aim to have at least one product to suit everyone and although our products may appear to be considerably cheaper than other brands, the quality is definitely still there which is shown through the sales and feedback that we have had so far. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for such a positive and supportive response of which I am sure there is more to come. It is very exciting.”

Over the coming months Forbidden Fruits aim to increase brand awareness particularly throughout the UK and continue with the positive response that they have seen so far. The online shop is easily accessible to all ( and allows for secure transactions through PayPal. The staff at Forbidden Fruits hope to continually increase sales and positive feedback whilst offering a range of products at competitive prices and giving ladies nights to remember.
Rhiannon Hayes