Atlas Tracking Offers Free GPS Tracking Services to Schools

Chicago, IL, May 04, 2013 --( Atlas Tracking, one of the biggest GPS tracking solutions company in the US, is offering 3 months of free GPS tracking services to schools. The GPS tracking service will allow parents to track schools buses or students that are on school-related activities outside of the campus.

Atlas Tracking Solutions is known for having the most sensitive and precise receivers in the market. Atlas GPS Tracking solutions are equipped with an SOS button that is directly connected to the police, show the residence of sex child offenders within the vicinity of the children’s current location and keep log of the carrier’s locations.

A GPS tracker is both a preventive measure and an emergency device.

Currently, there are more than 800,000 child offenders in the national database but the FBI admits this is most likely just 10 percent of actual child offenders. Most cases still go unreported and even more are never identified. A GPS tracking device becomes even more important with these facts. A single press of the SOS button wills end alert to the police.

Parents may also set geographic boundaries. Especially for younger children who are out of the house, parents can create a digital fence. This sets the expected locations that a child is to going to be. The moment a child goes beyond this fence, an alert will be sent to the parents.

To respect the privacy of older children, it may be turned off anytime but parents may still remotely activate it in case of emergency. This is also useful for children with special needs and the elderly.

The data may be sent to a computer, tablet or mobile phone.

“We really are living in a different time. Eight percent of child abduction happens in places a child often goes to. Parents may know where their children are all the time but it doesn’t stop child offenders from getting near them. Think about all the children that are missing now. None of their parents imagined it could happen to them. But they could have all been saved if they had a GPS Tracker with them,” Christopher Pescatore, CEO of Atlas, said.

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