New Power Packing Alliance Packs 1 - 2 Eco Punch

Sun Sugar Farms is partnering their CRESBI crates with Bunch Bags Produce Bags to virtually eliminate the need for plastic bags at the grocery store.

Verona, KY, May 05, 2013 --( Sun Sugar Farms, LLC announced today the official marketing alliance of their CRESBI® Crates grocery shopping systems with Bunch Bags Reusable Produce Bags of Belleair Bluffs, Florida. CRESBI® crates can hold up to six plastic bags worth of groceries, eliminating the hassle of recycling plastic bags or the problem of cheap reusable bags ending up in landfills. Bunch Bags Reusable Produce Bags replace the clear or green plastic bags commonly available on rolls in the produce section of supermarkets.

“CRESBI crates and Bunch Bags make a great combination,” explains Linda Fritz, owner of Sun Sugar Farms and creator of the CRESBI crates. “Both are packing powerhouses, holding much more than plastic bags can and much more than people expect them to.”

Customers are reacting favorably to the new alliance. Michele Lam of Half Moon Bay, California has bought numerous CRESBI crates systems and Bunch Bags in the last few weeks for her friends and family since finding the CRESBI website.

“Our family's lime green CRESBI crates with the tye dye straps continue to impress people and generate "wow" comments wherever we go," says customer Michele, "It's so much fun shopping with our CRESBI crates. We like the convenience, simplified checkout, and plastic-less/paperless packaging. We think it would be awesome if 99% of shoppers used the CRESBI system. In combination with the Bunch Bags Produce Bags it’s definitely a positive impact for the environment."

CRESBI crates and Bunch Bags are both made of a durable polypropylene and can be washed in the dishwasher, where 99.9% of any bacteria problems can be eliminated with the high water temperature. They also have multiple uses besides groceries - CRESBI crates can be used for temporary storage and Bunch Bags for washing delicate laundry items.

And what about the fact that many people reuse plastic bags at least once? Amy Ferguson, CEO of Bunch Bags explains, “Consumers already buy a lot of plastic they could reuse for their trash cans and dog walking in the form of packaging. Things like baked goods, frozen vegetables, pretzels and chips – these all come in plastic bags that can be reused. Plus, as green legislation sweeps the country, eventually customers will have to pay for the containment they’re now getting free from retailers. CRESBI crates and Bunch Bags help consumers get ahead of the curve.”

Both companies have added links to each other’s sites. Sun Sugar Farms will offer Bunch Bags at a $0.50 discount for a 3 pack over other retailers’ prices as an incentive to buy both crates and bags from their web site. With Farmer’s Markets opening soon, Sun Sugar Farms will also include a free Bunch Bag sample with every order they ship during the month of June. Fritz also designed the site to allow visitors to view videos of the different CRESBI® systems and then link to the company’s Sun Sugar Farms e-commerce site to purchase. A short demo video plays upon initially accessing the CRESBI® site that features the main character with Bunch Bags in the CRESBI crates.

For more information contact:
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Although it was financially prohibitive to manufacture the crates in the U.S.A., all other parts of the CRESBI® crate systems are constructed in America and distributed out of the Sun Sugar Farms’ Northern Kentucky location. Sun Sugar Farms is also a reseller of other reusable dishwasher-safe green products like Eco-Takeout® To-Go Boxes and Bunch Bags® Produce Bags, they are one of the few commercial growers of edamame in the nation, and the company is active in many charities.
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