The Collective Leadership Institute Launches is a first – the interactive learning space for practitioners acting in multi-stakeholder environments goes online.

Potsdam, Germany, May 05, 2013 --( Online today, offers practitioners from the private sector, the public sector, and civil society organizations an interactive learning space about stakeholder dialogues. It conveys the methodology that empowers to make stakeholder collaboration work and thus better face global challenges, and secure competitiveness while operating in a sustainable way. Unlike conventional approaches, equips practitioners with an integrated system that makes a difference and has a real impact on their multi-stakeholder environment.

While a more general theoretical framework of stakeholder dialogues is widespread, there is a lack of practical experience and methodological expertise in this field, especially in developing and emerging countries. Despite the high potential of this kind of approach, not enough stakeholder processes lead to the desired results because the capacity building measures are not adequately accessible on a large scale and with a low threshold. This applies particularly to representatives from developing and emerging countries.

Petra Künkel, Executive Director of the Collective Leadership Institute, explains that “the key to sustainable development lies in bringing together professional competence, stakeholder perspectives, political negotiation and result-oriented implementation. Innovative approaches and new solutions often derive from people’s ability to dialogue and partner for the future. The quality of how we do this, matters. As a combination of comprehensive theory and practical e-learning exercises, uses the power of story-telling and case-coaching to enable you to become a stakeholder dialogue expert.”

This is where fills a gap. It caters for the growing demand for cross-sector stakeholder cooperation. The platform provides access to specific methodological expertise through web based capacity building. It highlights the added values of the stakeholder approach by means of research, publications, media and documentation of the impact. Access to the established methodological approach through e-learning modules is easy, hence it creates a platform for the exchanges of best practices, builds a network of partners from different sectors who use stakeholder cooperation for improved impact, and contributes to the development of a renowned community of experts. The more people are empowered to use Stakeholder Dialogues as a methodology for profound change, the higher the likelihood that successful stakeholder cooperation becomes the norm. introduces the Dialogic Change Model, the Collective Leadership’s core methodological and helps the user put this knowledge into practice by assessing and helping design the steps needed for a successful implementation of stakeholder processes. It is a source of knowledge, knowledge generation, and a means of realizing sustainable management that facilitates the shift from purely profit-oriented towards value-oriented business, a powerful tool for finding joint solutions to shared problems, strengthening social cohesion, improving overall governance, and building trust and relationships for change.

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