Body the Fitness Boutique is Expanding with U.S. Franchises

Chicago, IN, May 05, 2013 --( The boutique fitness industry continues to pick up steam as Sarah Krupka, CEO of Body The Fitness Boutique in Peoria, Illinois prepares to take her highly customized solutions for empowering their guests, “inside-and-out,” to a nationwide audience. Specializing in Hot Power Yoga, Pole Fit, Barre, TRX, Power Pilates, and a host of other disciplines while simultaneously rocking to the music that makes you feel like you’re at a rock concert, Body has achieved an impressive following since their launch in early 2012.

Sarah Krupka is a shining example of the results that can be obtained. At age seventeen, Sarah weighed over Two-hundred pounds and took it upon herself to take a journey to explore her own ideal regimen. Body has successfully created a system that allows for complete customization of a program that bows to the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of a human being. Instead of “physical punishment” and “negative self-talk,” Body stays away from encouraging people to achieve a “societal determined exact number” on a scale, and instead focuses on enriching a person’s relationship with one’s self, and positively creating the most effective fitness regimen. “I was most impressed by the limits on class sizes, combined with the intimacy and caring by the instructors,” said Harold Miller, Senior Vice President of Francorp. “It is more like going to a small concert with a few close friends than a 'duty/ or a “physical obligation” to a daily routine.”

With a strategy of steady continual growth, Body is looking to focus more on the right franchisee who comes from the right background and appropriate motivations. Although there are a number of franchisee applicants, Body wants to attract a franchisee who has a passion for others, through amazing music and innovative fitness. In becoming a franchisee of Body, one will be provided with initial training and ongoing support, new programs and training regimens, an interactive digital database of video materials, marketing materials for new clientele and a community of experienced instructors that learn from, mentor and support one another through interactive master classes and a private instructor online blog. Currently, Body is anticipating selling the rights to any franchise territories once all compliance documents are completed. Body has engaged an outside third party financing firm who finances qualified franchisees in getting their unit up and running. Body is accepting contact information from interested parties in joining the team. Visit them at, or call 309-360-0795 for more information.

Body partnered with Francorp to develop their franchise program and help them build a strong foundation for their franchise expansion. Francorp is the world’s leading franchise development firm with offices worldwide and has helped over 2000 companies expand through franchising in over 36 years. "Body is humbled to be selected by the world's largest franchise development company, Francorp, to take our mission of empowerment to the next level. We sincerely believe in changing the culture of fitness, from a culture of dread and 'perfection', to getting every individual excited to engage with their health inside and out, as the greatest one hour of your day, through the most fun, innovative forms of fitness. Body is a rock concert of fitness in every way, nurturing and empowering our guests in body, mind, and soul. We thank Francorp for helping us change the culture of fitness!," said Body’s CEO Sarah Krupka. Francorp provides customized franchise programs in a one-stop shop for all of the needs of a potential franchisor looking to exponentially expand their business. In addition to the business plan, compliance documents, operations manuals and marketing strategy that Francorp developed, Body has utilized Francorp’s franchise marketing, sales and management courses designed to help both new and experienced franchisors grow their business using the latest methods and tried and true approaches.

Body cannot wait to change the world, one “Body” at a time.

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Harrold Miller