Classof1 Publishes the May 2013 Issue of Their Monthly Newsletter has launched the eighth edition of the Classof1 newsletter. The May 2013 issue which has been released just ahead of the college finals contains articles that are beneficial to college students, who are getting ready for the end of the college year.

Bellevue, WA, May 09, 2013 --(, one of the pioneers in homework help services, has successfully published the eight edition of its monthly newsletter. Classof1 newsletter aims to bring the selected posts from the Classof1 blog to its subscribers.

The latest released issue of the newsletter focuses on the end of the college year. The newsletter contains four different sections which are supposed to be educational and resourceful for college students. The first section is Learner’s Corner which tries to expand the knowledge of the readers on a specific topic. Since the month of April is known as the Earth month, the Learner’s Corner section showed the importance of natural resources and how sustainable development is the right step forward.

The next section, College Hacks focuses on providing helpful guides and tips to college students. In this issue the section contains articles on “how to increase the stress tolerance during the college finals” and also elucidates the importance of studying more during college years, through a research conducted among those who have completed college.

The penultimate section, Fun Spot is supposed to present offbeat articles, meant to interest and entertain the readers. This issue contains articles on how college students can utilize their summer breaks and also educated the readers on, the top 5 most popular online degrees.

The final section is the readers’ section called “Your Zone”, here the subscribers to Classof1’s newsletter are able to express their creativity. In the latest issue, a painting of a beautiful sunset as depicted by one of the fans was published.

Classof1’s monthly newsletter was first published on November 2012, and has published 8 newsletters, including this May 2013 issue. A Classof1 said, “The number of subscribers has grown exponentially over time. This shows the great reception for the newsletter among readers. We hope to continue to provide helpful resources to our readers through Classof1 newsletter.”

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