Computime Announces New eSignature Capture Products as Part of Their New Business Relationship with Scriptel Corporation

Computime is proud to announce the launch of a new relationship with Scriptel and a subsequent expansion of its product line.

Saint Louis, MO, July 12, 2013 --( Already a substantial resource for eSignature capture products, Computime is proud to announce the launch of a new relationship with Scriptel and a subsequent expansion of its product line. Known for bringing on and offering "best of breed" solutions, Computime adds this to their current eSignature capture product line that they have sold for the last 17 years. This addition is expected to increase the company’s value in the eSignature products market.

“Computime has known the Scriptel name for many years and with the recent changes in our business model where Computime is now consulting and selling multiple brands not just different models of one brand, we felt that the Scriptel Capacitive Glass Technology would fit many applications. Ones our customers have been asking for at a price point that makes sense,” said CEO Josh Levey.

Scriptel, founded in 1982 and based in Columbus, OH, has quickly become an industry leader in electronic signature capture and capacitive pen digitizing technology. This technology creates the ability to electronically mimic pen on paper. The company holds many patents in technology that have been deployed in more than 3 million solutions around the world over the past 30 years.

Scriptel currently offers a family of 1x5 format eSignature pads that bring feature-rich hardware and software that users can take advantage of and appreciate. The Scriptel products offer Application based or Web Browser signing with a 1x5 Glass signing surface, and a 3 year express exchange standard warranty.

"Our talented engineering team focused intensely on developing products with best-in-class features," said Steve Allyn, Scriptel Executive. “In the document-centric marketplace, Scriptel is known for combining superior performance with extreme durability.”

From the Computime perspective the Scriptel eSignature products will create some great synergy with their growing line of eSignature hardware and software solutions.

“Computime is one of the pioneers of eSignature technology, and has very strong and knowledgeable sales and marketing teams,” continued Allyn. “We are excited that Computime will be applying these skills to selling the Scriptel product line. The combination of their products with Computime’s sales and distribution channel will be an important piece to giving consumers a choice in signature capture technology."

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About Scriptel
Scriptel Corporation was founded in 1982 and is a fore-runner in developing capacitive pen digitizing technology. Scriptel’s product portfolio includes the ScripTouch series of eSignature pads, touch systems technology which includes GloveCap Technology. Quality and support are paramount to Scriptel's success with a commitment to manufacture in the USA.

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