Being Flown Around the World Without a Pilot May be Closer Than Previously Thought

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Olathe, KS, May 11, 2013 --( RCFlightline, the online home of high-flying fun with radio-controlled aircraft, has released the June episode of their popular, family-friendly “Beyond The Flightline” podcast. Featured in this month’s episode is the conclusion of the intriguing two-part “Remote Control Certified” interview series with FAA Certification and Design Department expert Brian Hancock. In this interview, RCFlightline President and “Beyond The Flightline” host Todd Carrison find out that remote controlled personal aircraft may soon become reality.

FAA’s Brian Hancock Forecasts Big Airline Industry Advances…And Unmanned Personal Planes?

In the second half of his two-part interview, “Remote Control Certified”, RCFlightline President Todd Carrison talks with FAA Certification and Design Department expert Brian Hancock who shares his forecast on the future of aviation tech. Specifically, Hancock marvels at how innovations in smaller RC style craft, like quadropods, are steadily finding their way into larger, more commercial aircraft. Also compelling is the shared view of Hancock and Carrison that technology is quickly shifting the balance of power in manned aircraft to more of a “remote control” scenario, where the majority of the control rests in experts on the ground that send commands to pilots in the air. This new reality could evolve in such a way that, in the case of small aircraft, “You get in it and sort of drive it like a car,” says Hancock. “You don’t really have to know how to fly…You’re sitting there in the pilot’s seat and…when you’re moving the controls, you’re moving through a computer system that really flies your airplane for you.” In fact, Hancock believes this new era of flight is possible with existing technology; what’s missing is a public appetite for it to drive manufacturers like Boeing to action. “That’s going to take a real cultural change,” admits Hancock.

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