Scrubbing Into Life - Redefining Natural Beauty

A mother of three daughters that suffers from allergic reactions to unnatural preservatives and ingredients in skincare and cleansing product founded Westport Spa Essentials. WSE created a product line that is pure and organic using only fair trade and natural ingredients. Mangum also discovers a way to suck out poison left by insect bites such as the West Nile Mosquitoes and with proof discovered that her Detox Healing Clay removes poison from bites within 6 hrs.

Ventura, CA, August 18, 2007 --( Founder of Westport Spa Essentials, Sandie Mangum, is a mother of three daughters who suffers from allergic reactions to unnatural ingredients commonly found in cleansing products and daily hygiene. She realized that immediate action needed to be taken. She threw away prescription tubes of medication that were more of an acid than a healer and began the hunt through store products. Reading every ingredients and labels, Mangum quickly found that she could not trust the products that claimed to be pure and natural. The proof was in the skin and the results were not satisfactory to Mrs. Mangum. Fed up and determined, she continued to take matters into her own hands. Soon enough, she had developed her own product line that her children, family and friends uses daily. Till this day, the result is a clear and happy skin life.

Mangum had a career in the medical industry working for Quality Resource in Hospitals, Bindley Western Drug Company (Distributor for Pharmaceuticals), Sorin Biomedical (manufacturer) and Amgen Inc. Understanding the manufacturring and distributing end of products - she had the determination to offer pure and natural bath and body line that is supremely beneficial to health, skin, and environment. Made with their own hands, after years of researching, studying, and developing, with love, Westport Spa Essentials was born.

Westport Spa Essentials are 100% pure and natural that is entirely hand made, poured and labeled using only fair trade and certified organic ingredients. Without any parabens, unnatural preservatives, alcohols, or synthetic ingredients - many instantly feel the difference. With a bit of luxury, relaxation and aromatherapy in the mix, each order is made fresh.

The Whipped Body Scrub became popular among the coastal communities and quickly became their number one selling product. The scent, Island Truffle, was sought out for followed by the Lucsious Pear. Many uses the Whipped Body Scrub as an alternative to soap because of it cleansing ability and the fact that it leaves skin fully moisturized afterwards, without a slippery mess - their scrub is very unique unlike any other scrubs out there. In addition to their Whipped Body Scrubs they extended their product line to the Exfoliating Cleansing Ball, Herbal Milk Baths, Belly Boom for Pregnant Ladies, Message Creams (massage creams), The Detox Healing Clay, and Bath Soaks. Their products could be found in high end salons, medi spas, and fair trade retailers along the coast of Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties.

Their Detox Healing Clay is Mangum's favorite. She states, "It is somewhat of a miracle product because I cannot live without it. The amazing absorbing and healing ability in this clay is unlike anything I have ever tried or seen before. I was an unfortunate victim of the West Nile disease because of a mosquito bite received in Rose Valley Falls at the Los Padres National Forest a couple of years ago. I suffered in bed for 2 months and had my spine poked and brain scanned. I was not happy. Since then, I have became extremely cautious and stumbled on our clay. Now, when I am bitten, my cure is the Detox Healing Clay. I hydrate the clay and cover the bite. I kid you not, but the bite disappeared in a few hours. I believe everyone should try it and experience the same result as I did." She further states, "I believe that Mother Earth has a lot to offer. Our particular clay is a volcanic ash that was created 900 million years ago and protected until recently. It was discovered a few miles from Death Valley. Their are cures instead of synthetic medicine to fight symptoms. It is a matter of breaking old habits and being able to try new things."

WSE has additional products in the pipeline focusing on hair care, baby care, and laundry care. Mangum says, "Feedback to their products have been amazing and somewhat unbelievable." She is overwhelmed by the public's desire for organic and natural products.

Westport Spa Essentials anticipates to be in more stores that share the same philosophy as they do. Some of their retailers include Studio Sea Salon, A Shore Thing at the Harbor, Attitudes at Mandalay Bay, Focil Med Medical Facility, and Arcobaleno Fair Trade in Santa Barbara. For more information, visit their website at Their mission is to provide society a truly natural product with a unbeatable recipe for healthy, organic, luxury and environmentally friendly - as they strive to truly redefine natural beauty.

Westport Spa Essentials
Sandie Mangum