Just in Time for Mother’s Day: O2 MAX Fitness and Operation Prom Team Up to Launch a Mother/Daughter Inspired Fitness Campaign

Parents across the nation are sponsoring girls for $30 to get fit and fashionable.

Santa Monica, CA, May 12, 2013 --(PR.com)-- It’s no secret that moms play a big role in their daughter’s lives, and every mom wants the best for her daughter. In today’s society, many teens are feeling the pressure to “look good” and are attempting to do so with unhealthy diets or too much exercise. In celebration of Mother’s Day, O2 MAX Fitness and Operation Prom have launched the “Sponsor-A-Girl” campaign to make sure these girls are getting fitness, food, and fashion tips.

Teens are getting fitness, food, and fashion consultations, a month of free workouts, and weekly check-ins with a trainer to help them get healthy and fit. The fashion and fitness consultation is especially important because it helps girls understand their body types and learn to embrace their assets. Two friends are not built exactly the same. It's about being fit, strong and confident. Having a strong core will eventually bring the six-pack that so many girls covet. Sponsors are making a tax-deductible donation of $30 to also receive a month of free O2 MAX Fitness workouts.

With recent campaigns such as Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches, bringing light to the fact that only 4% of young women find themselves beautiful, many of these negative perceptions can lead to a dangerous lifestyle. According to Examiner.com, over 1 in 10 high school students have an eating disorder. Over 500,000 will die this year as a result of a lack of proper nutrition. Many of the habits that these high school students have, they will take with them to college.

Karen Jashinsky, CEO & Founder of O2 MAX Fitness says, “It is important for teens to know how to have a healthy lifestyle before college and to be able to have fun and learn some of the best nutrition and fitness tips from the brands they love.”

O2 MAX Fitness has a lot of experience working with teens and young women, with several of their customers competing in the top pageants. Miss Westchester 2012 completed both the Event Ready Fitness Program and Accelerator Program and received high remarks during the swimsuit contest. Miss Westchester 2012 on Event Ready, “The Event Ready program is full of variety and great instructional methods. The knowledge and expertise I gained from this program has allowed me to grow in my business.”

Proceeds from the Sponsor-A-Girl campaign will also help low-income students receive free Prom dresses from Operation Prom.

“Operation Prom works with a lot of low-income students and we have noticed that Prom is the first time the girls have put on a dress,” said Noel D’Allacco, “We make sure that students are away of the resources out there so that they will be able to dance for their big night.”

You can make a $30 donation for to Sponsor-A-Girl at http://promfit.tumblr.com/sponsor.

For more information, please visit www.promfit.tumblr.com and www.helpprom.org.

O2 MAX Fitness is a revolutionary fitness solution that combines online tools, social media, and real world fitness to provide an adaptable, personalized fitness regimen for busy people. O2 MAX is a hybrid fitness solution that is positioned to be a key player in changing the way students and ultimately adults experience fitness forever. Our program is comprised of a proprietary algorithm that integrates goals, schedules, and fitness preferences, and allows for a completely personalized and adaptable fitness program that is optimized for each individual. These plans are delivered through a system that helps keep clients on track to meet fitness milestones. O2MAXFitness stays connected and engaged both before and after workouts, resulting in a long-term fitness and lifestyle solution. O2MAXFitness was founded by Karen Jashinsky; a Certified Fitness Trainer and the recent recipient of the First “Emerging Female Leader” Award and named “One of the 25 most influential leaders in the fitness industry by IHRSA, the fitness industry’s professional organization.

Operation Prom was originally established to help low-income students attend their Prom by providing free Prom dresses and tuxedo rentals. It has since expanded to include regular donations of clothing and school supplies to students who are sick, homeless or live in shelters and do not have family to assist them.
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