OllieGirl Introduces The Makeup Guard Card, an Eye Makeup Tool for Eyeliner and Eye Shadow Application

The Makeup Guard Card by OllieGirl is pleased to announce the invention of a simple and effective eye makeup tool to aid in the precise application of eyeliner and eye shadow alleviating shaky hands, inaccurate and messy eye makeup looks.

Los Angeles, CA, May 15, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Women want a precise, beautiful and mess free way of applying eyeliner and eye shadow that can be applied easily on their own in a time effective way. The Makeup Guard Card by OllieGirl is an eye makeup tool that combines the accuracy of execution and ease providing a mess free eye makeup application.

The Makeup Guard Card (a registered trademark) by OllieGirl is a latex free, patent pending makeup tool that aids in the perfect application of eyeliner and eye shadow. Invented by Donna Forsythe, an 18 year experienced celebrity makeup artist, Donna saw a need to create a tool that aided her application for applying eye makeup on clients. Having used various makeshift items, including credit/business cards and tissues to help in executing the many eye makeup looks, Donna approached Wylder Flett, a designer and a 15 year veteran of the beauty industry, to help with developing a product that all women could use safely, easily and be time and cost effective.

The Makeup Guard Card is a 2”x4” trapezoidal shaped card with rounded sides that has angled ruler measurements on both sides to provide accurate measurements for extended eyeliner looks. The cards have beveled edges all the way around so that precise applications can be made on the eyes for both eyeliner and eye shadow. The beveled edges allow for excess makeup to fall away from the face and not leave any residue on an already made up face or for any makeup clumping to occur. The angled sides permit the card to be used on any eye shape and allows a guide for any angle of the eye.

“No longer will one need to guess or make a mess when applying eye makeup, The Makeup Guard Card should be the staple item in every woman’s makeup arsenal,” stated Donna Forsythe, Co Owner of OllieGirl.

The material of The Makeup Guard Card is a latex free, thermoplastic rubber allowing for both a rigid texture but also having flexibility so that it can bend for the face. The material is chemical and heat resistant making it durable, easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

The Makeup Guard Card is listed for $8.95 for a package of 2 containing two brightly colored cards, popping pink and neon green. Demonstration videos for using The Makeup Guard Card can be viewed at: www.youtube.com/themakeguardcard

OllieGirl Inc. is a makeup tool company based out of Los Angeles, California and founded in October, 2012. OllieGirl is the creator of The Makeup Guard Card, an eye makeup tool to aid in the application of eyeliner and eye shadow. OllieGirl is a jointly, privately owned and operated company by designer Wylder Flett and makeup artist Donna Forsythe and is dedicated to providing a value driven and well designed makeup tool for women ages 13 and up and to provide the staple makeup item necessary in every woman's cosmetics collection. OllieGirl is committed to having their products 100% manufactured in the USA.

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