LovinLounge.com® Launches an Exclusive "Invitation Only" Community for People Who Enjoy a Socially Connected Lifestyle

LovinLounge® is an "invitation only" social nightlife community for the 21 over crowd. The website, among other things gives members the ability to stay socially connected within their circle in an ultra exclusive setting.

San Diego, CA, August 19, 2007 --(PR.com)-- If you've been looking for something new and unique, look no further. LovinLounge (www.LovinLounge.com) is a departure from the free-for-all social networking and online dating sites for singles which have saturated the internet in recent years. LovinLounge's online community is modeled after the hottest lounges and nightclubs in the world. And to get past the velvet ropes and inside, it's all about who you know.

For the 21 to 39 year old trend-setter tired of online communities with fake profiles, teenagers and people they have nothing in common with, LovinLounge provides a unique alternative to connect with others within their established social circle. "There is a reason why the hottest clubs and lounges in the world remain exclusive" says Greg Godwin, president of LovinLounge Inc, "for the socially connected it’s about how their time is valued and staying within their social scene." Joining the community for free requires an invitation by an existing member or by one of LovinLounge's many nightclub partners". Laura Godwin, PR Director adds, "This exclusivity creates a level of assurance for our members that the people they meet within the community share a mutual interest and connection with one another. For them time is money".

In addition to the networking aspects of the site, members of www.LovinLounge.com also enjoy the benefits provided by its partners which include nightclubs, lounges and event promoters throughout the United States. LovinLounge offer partners the ability to advertise to this very targeted demographic and offer VIP privileges to LovinLounge's hip and socially connected members who wish to attend their offline venues and events. With these mutual partnerships, LovinLounge merges their online community with real world businesses who cater to this influential crowd.

"Recently launched in Beta, www.LovinLounge.com is growing rapidly because it allows members to connect with others who are truly within their social circle while enjoying the benefits offered by nightclubs and lounges across the country", says Gregory Godwin "By combining exclusivity, a feature rich member experience with real world partners, LovinLounge.com has become the place the for the socially connected.

About LovinLounge, Inc.
LovinLounge Inc is a privately held company with it's corporate offices in San Diego, CA. financial backing has been provided by private investors. For more information, interested parties, venues, and event promoters, visit www.LovinLounge.com

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