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Noida, India, August 19, 2007 --(PR.com)-- ApnaCircle.com is an online social and professional networking site that is created to connect people with people, friends and even unknown acquaintances who live, work or stay around them. A creation of apnacircle infotech pvt.ltd, ApnaCircle.com helps people to make new friends and professional acquaintances and thus make their social life more active, interesting and more fruitfully rewarding. ApnaCircle.com’s social network helps maintain known relationships with scraps, uploaded photos, customized messages and establish new relations by reaching out to people they've never met before, all through ApnaCircle.com

ApnaCircle.com is a global brand promoted by the legend of information technology, Sabeer Bhatia one of the co-founders of Hotmail he is the biggest Indian success story at Silicon Valley, along with Yogesh Bansal, Founder and C.E.O of ApnaCircle.com who moved back to India after ten years in USA for his subsequent career in the IT industry and has been a front runner with his previous experience in professional and social networking sites and his zealous team of budding entrepreneurs.

Apnacircle.com is basically a place where people can network, meet like minded people, can set up professional network, join different communities, groups and learn from each other. It’s a medium where people can interact freely both young and the old alike. ApnaCircle.com is a place where members have already started creating accounts making it easy for them to find people who share their hobbies and interests, establish professional contacts, or maybe find someone really special in their lives.

In the words of Mr. Yogesh Bansal, C.E.O. ApnaCircle.com “We believe, now a days networking has become a very important part of life both from the social and professional point of view. Our U.S.P. is a point system in which the more you interact, the more points you earn. These virtual points can thus be redeemed into real gifts and vouchers.

ApnaCircle.com holds the unique distinction of being the only social and professional networking site which incorporates the adage of “work is worship” and provides a unique professional networking feature which allows users to update their professional profile and thus broaden their horizon of professional acquaintance. This way it becomes a two way win-win situation for the account holder who can both meet people on the personal and the professional field, all on the same platform which only ApnaCircle.com provides to its esteemed clientele day in day out.”

Through ApnaCircle.com people get to meet new people, stay in touch with friends and express themselves. In here people can also create and join a wide variety of online communities or “Zones” as is referred to discuss current events, reconnect with friends and acquaintances or even find cool new jobs for them right at the click of a button.

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Indra Neel Sinha