Offers to Pay $5000 Cash Incentive to Home Sellers If Their House is Not Sold in 33 Days; Free Home Inspection or Appraisal Offered to Buyers

Colleen Coleman of LLC offers to pay $5000 to home sellers in Inland Empire area of Southern California if she is not able to sell their house in 33 days. She further offers home buyers a free home inspection or appraisal.

Inland Empire, CA, May 16, 2013 --( Colleen Coleman of LLC, a licensed real estate broker based out of Claremont, CA, announces her latest offers for home sellers and home buyers on Saturday. While every agent promises to sell a home quickly, Colleen has set herself apart by taking a step further by promising to pay $5000 to home sellers if she is unable to sell a house in 33 days or less.

“Next to my family, my passion in life is real estate. I take pride in helping people and I’ve helped many families get relief from the stress of their mortgages and move on to a brighter future. My clients’ best interests have always been my top priority. In the past, I have walked away from my profit to safeguard my clients’ interest and this new offer for home sellers is just another step in the same direction,” says Colleen.

Colleen has also offered to bear expenses of home inspections or appraisals for buyers. She is offering free inspections or appraisals to home buyers who will use her services as selling agent.

Other than her latest offers for home sellers and buyers, Colleen has been holding free real estate educational seminars in Inland Empire and has been offering free consultation to home homeowners in Southern California on regular basis.
Colleen Coleman