HealthTzars; the Feature Packed Online Health Magazine Launched

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Delhi, India, May 17, 2013 --( The world today has an ever growing sensitivity towards health and wellness. The need to maintain good health has taken priority with most people. Thanks to the easy accessibility to media and internet, information related to present day health threats and advancements in the field of medicine, along with symptoms and relief measures are just a click away.

However, this has led to a growing need for authentic sources of information; that people can trust. Recognizing this need, Kanik InfoTzars Content Solutions has launched its online health and wellness e-magazine – Aimed at being a reliable and valuable resource of health articles and latest news; this website is highly user friendly and has some very interesting built-in functionalities.

Besides providing its users with relevant and timely health inputs on child health safety, men and women health tips, alternate therapy, health diet and nutrition and exercise and fitness; this website also carries interesting and easy to follow daily natural health tips.

Today more and more people search the internet for diseases and their symptoms before contacting their physicians. HealthTzars emerges as a credible source where users can search for reliable inputs on any disease, its symptoms, causes and possible cures available. Its monthly newsletter keeps subscribers abreast with the latest in the world of medicine and health; including the latest immunizations and screening tests as well.

The site has some interesting features that stand out. For an enhanced user experience HealthTzars has a unique built in glossary feature that pops up the meaning of difficult medical terms when a reader places the cursor on them. One can also use some of the health tools integrated on the site to find out personal health information like – the BMI, Pregnancy calculations, due date, Ideal Body Weight and others. These add-ons make the site an interesting experience for the users.

The site also carries reviews on some of the latest products and services and updates on latest guidelines related to the health and wellness industry as well. Users can also share their experiences through the blogs and forums on the site.

The best part about the site is the fact that it has highly qualified doctors and health professionals on its panel. The site not only carries some interesting articles by them but also allows users to put across their health queries to these doctors and get an answer within 24 hours.

This feature pack website sure seems to be the valuable online resource it has been designed to be.
Kanik Infomedia Pvt Ltd
Ishpreet Bindra