KritiKal Solutions Launches Application for Target Detection

Real-time area analysis and surveillance application.

Noida, India, May 17, 2013 --( KritiKal Solutions has designed a comprehensive Graphical User Interface (GUI) integrated with Image Analysis, Pre-processing, Target Detection and Target Area Analysis modules. KritiKal used Satellite Image Data Abstraction Libraries for importing/exporting Satellite Images (Panchromatic, Multi-Spectral and Hyper-Spectral from various satellite sensors). The usage of application modules enable pre-processing of the image, noise removal and enhance image qualities.

The indigenous PC based GUI application designed by KritiKal provides a framework for visualizing and analyzing vast type of satellite image dataset (including Hyper-Spectral Images), pre-processing, area analysis, target detection and post-processing operations like exporting the processed images and their metadata for future reference.

The main features of the system include:
- Efficient in-built cache management
- Support for multiple images
- Support for vast type and format of satellite image dataset (scalable architecture to add in new data types)
- Support for Raw and Hyper-Spectral Images (image contains ~250 bands)
- Image Visualization includes False Color Composite View, Sequential Band View, Zooming, Panning etc.
- Image Analysis includes plots such as Spectral Plot, N-Dimension Visualizer and display of Image Information
- Contrast and Brightness tools for improved visualization
- Selection of Area of Interest for processing and analysis
- Pre-processing includes various Noise Removal, Speckle Noise Removal, Edge Detection, Morphological Filters, Histogram Modification and Image Registration
- Target Area Analysis includes various Classification and Segmentation techniques
- Tools for creating Ground Truth Data, Neural Net Learning and Fuzzy Reasoning
- Detects different type of targets on the images. Targets includes Road, Ship, Bridge, Oil-Tank and Built-up area
- Post-processing includes handling vector image data and the operations selected by user for its analysis
- Support for exporting processed raster and vector images along with their metadata to the disk

About KritiKal: KritiKal Solutions is a technology design house focused on Embedded System Design and Real Time Computer Vision and Imaging Solutions. Its expertise lies in System Architectural design & development right from requirements stage to market ready products. We have an impressive portfolio of product designs using FPGAs; 8bit to 32 bit microprocessors; bus architectures like SPI, I2C, CAN, PCI etc.; and Embedded Operating Systems like Linux, VxWorks, ThreadX etc. KritiKal’s domain expertise extends to network routers, modems, telecom protocol firmware, cameras etc. KritiKal also specializes in real-time video processing solutions. This involves research and development of pattern recognition and other image processing/computer vision algorithms and software, selection of Imaging Sensors, Cameras and Image Digitization Circuitry, Lighting, Placement, Mounting and the right processing platform for the Software Development and Integration with other Electronic or Electro-Mechanical Systems
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Eeshaa Sheikh