Joy Keys Chats with Lakota Patricia E. Stein About the Arming Sisters Project

This week on "Saturday Mornings with Joy Keys" podcast self defense training for Native American women via the Arming Sisters Project.

Philadelphia, PA, May 17, 2013 --( Date: May 18th, 2013

Time: 11:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. ET

Call in number: 646-929-0368


Patricia E. Stein is a veterinary nurse, artist, and taekwondo junkie. She is Lakota. Patricia holds a black belt in Hapkido and she has competed in Taekwondo competitions for nine years. Patricia has held numerous women’s self defense courses throughout the East Coast of the United States and Cairo, Egypt. She worked with the Tahrir Body Guard (a group dedicated to ending sexual harassment in Egypt).

The Arming Sisters project hopes to hold 2 day compact women’s self defense course talking on awareness and mentality as well the physical application of 10 moves that could save a woman’s life. The courses will be held at the top 20 most populated reservations and 10 stops in Canada spanning the late Summer months / early Fall. The Arming Sisters project hopes to reach at least 2000 women.

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