Indian Community Has New Interactive BioData Format and Web Tool to Help Arrange Marriages

Six students of Harvard Business School have launched a new website. easyBiodata is the new CRM tool for the matrimonial search within the Indian community.

New Delhi, India, May 18, 2013 --( Six students of Harvard Business School are changing the way people in the Indian community marry. They created a forward thinking website called easyBiodata. The website allows families to conveniently exchange and store the Biodata for marriage candidates. Beyond managing the Biodata they receive from others, families are also creating and sharing Biodata for their children on the site. The website is easy to use and offers members a free profile. More information can be found here:

“90% of the Indian community still arranges marriages. The old-school way to do this was to collect Biodata and share it via email or through the use of MS Word paper resumes. We have improved the process by allowing families to easily review, share and coordinate data,” said Allyson Pritchett, Co-Founder. “Candidates, families and extended families can create a well-organized professional-looking Biodata by using our website. There is no cost, it is secure, and the process takes less than fifteen minutes.” recently said the website’s founders are “Geniuses” and also noted how functional the website is. “Our goal is help the arranged marriage process become smoother and more proactive. Before our website was developed a person’s email box would be flooded with candidates. Information was usually unorganized, leaving potential spouse matches without a chance for consideration. Now, families have a one-stop-shopping tool that helps connect possible spouses through the use of forward-thinking technology,” continued Pritchett.

“We learned about easyBiodata when a candidate sent us a beautiful Biodata from the website. We were embarrassed how our daughter’s Biodata looked. So we made our own Biodata on easyBiodata.”- Vikram M. (53 years old). easyBiodata hosts simple, elegant accounts that are easy to manage. Each Biodata account can be accessed and shared with a single click of a computer mouse. In addition, the website affords users the opportunity to remove profiles once a match is found, thus recalling all existing data in a secure manner.

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Allyson Pritchett