Trade Miles International Elevates Chief Legal Officer to Senior Vice President

The Board of Directors of Trade Miles International has chosen Alex Nixon, presently Vice President and Chief Legal Officer, to the take on the Senior Vice President role.

London, United Kingdom, May 19, 2013 --( In 2008, Trade Miles International revamped its business strategy and embarked on measures to reorganize its corporate composition. At that point in time, Alex Nixon who has commendably performed his functions as Trade Miles International’s Vice President and General Counsel since 1999, started reporting immediately to Trade Miles International’s Chairman and CEO, Mr. Jeremy Scott.

“Taking into account the scope of accountability for the said position and the reporting protocol with the Chairman and CEO, it is only suitable to bring to fore this title,” Mr. Scott said. “Alex Nixon’s accountabilities encompass directing Trade Miles International’s official and compliance risk corporate wide, spearheading governmental dealings and functioning as a significant counsel to our C-Suite team and our Board of Directors,” Jeremy Scott added. Alex Nixon’s appointment as Senior Vice President will take effect on Trade Miles International. “We have complete confidence in what Alex can deliver. His laudable contributions to the company for decades have without a doubt solidified his importance to the firm’s future goals,” Jeremy Scott added.

When asked what his first official task would be, Alex Nixon replied, “a thorough review of where our unit stands at this point. We are clear on where we want the division to go. What I need to determine now is else what needs to be done and how things should be done. As the scope of the accountability gets expansive, the more I should keep a focused mind and a keen eye on the end goal. I would also want to meet with the team personally to lay out the plans for the division. I need them. It works both ways,” Alex Nixon concluded.
Trade Miles International
Mario Ashton