Social Shopper Lab Brings Social Media Spin to Shopper Marketing

In the changing world of shopper marketing, social media plays an increasing role in driving consumers to the store. The "Social Shopper Lab" is a new resource created to help retailers and consumer brands harness these new opportunities.

Tampa, FL, May 19, 2013 --( When is a shopper not a shopper? A digital advertising agency called Social Forces is out to push the limits of a field known as shopper marketing with their latest project -- the Social Shopper Lab.

Within retail circles, the practice of shopper marketing has emerged over the years as a way to better understand consumer behavior leading up to the point of purchase in retail venues. The industry's practices in this area continually change to adapt to new consumer behavior patterns and new ways to frame the world of the "shopper." That, according to the team at Social Forces, is what spurred them to create "The Lab."

"In today's consumer path-to-purchase, social media isn't just a step in the journey; it's their ever-present travel companion. They log in before they get out of bed, they steal away for updates on their work break, and they check their news feed while they wait in line at the store," says Carl Vervisch, a member of the creative team at Social Forces.

The Social Shopper Lab features four categories covering "Facebook Insights," "Community Building," "Promotion Strategies," and "Creative Strategy," each containing a growing selection of articles ranging from tactical how-to guides to shared strategic insights. The team has rapidly begun to populate the site, and plans to add new content weekly for the foreseeable future.

While work on the project officially began this January, the content within is the product of no less than four years of the firm's work in the industry, according to Social Shopper Lab author Max Dempster. "I've been very fortunate to have the collective knowledge of the Social Forces team to draw from in the creation of these articles. It's made all the difference in bringing real on-the-ground experience to our philosophies and insights."

The ultimate goal of the site is to establish the team's uniquely social take on shopper marketing as a must-have for retailers and consumer brands while supplying all the data key decision-makers need to understand and embrace these ideals.

The Social Shopper Lab is live on the web at

Social Forces is a digital agency on a mission to increase loyalty, advocacy and sales for retailers and consumer brands through campaigns and ongoing engagement on Facebook, websites, and other digital media. Their recent work includes shopper marketing efforts with Circle K, Monster Energy, and a collection of other national retail brands. For more information check out their award-winning website at
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