Put the Glendale Daily Planet in Your Pocket. Glendale IPTV Station Adopts Personal on Demand Technology

Glendale, AZ, August 21, 2007 --(PR.com)-- The Glendale Daily Planet / KKAT-IPTV, an IPTV station owned by Ed Sharpe of Glendale, Arizona, unveiled today the latest technology to be deployed by the station. “Podcasting,” according to Sharpe, “Has been around for a few years. The public first heard of it in connection with Apple’s iPod and iTunes, but the technology goes far beyond that and has recently been referred to as Personal On Demand, or POD casting. It’s a way for individuals to retrieve the latest news from their favorite sources without having to visit the web site every day to check for new stories. They are automatically delivered to the individual’s computer, iPod, iPhone or other net capable cell phone.”

The version of this technology deployed by the Glendale Daily Planet was developed in collaboration with Achieve Radio, a 'State of the Art' IP Radio network also based in Glendale. According to Achieve Radio owner Bill Schreiner, “The engineering teams at the Glendale Daily Planet and Achieve Radio work very closely together. It’s a natural, since we don't compete for the same markets. The Glendale Daily Planet / KKAT-IPTV handles Glendale Arizona news video and online news stories and Achieve Radio does motivational and inspirational radio programming. From the engineering side, we deal with similar technology on a daily basis. Achieve Radio has been podcasting radio shows for over 2 years with great success and substantial acceptance from our world wide audience. The advances in personal devices, such as the iPhone and Blackberry, as well as the inclusion of RSS aggregators as standard features in most web browsers, have made video podcasting on a large scale practical and useful to a large percentage of Planet viewers, so we worked together to deploy a video podcast solution for the Planet.”

The use of this technology from the viewer’s perspective, according to Schreiner, couldn't be simpler. “RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. And it is. A viewer simply adds the RSS, or Podcast, address to their RSS aggregator, a built in feature in recent browsers and many other soft and hardware devices, and presto, the most recent stories are automatically there, ready to be viewed.”

Both the Glendale Daily Planet and Achieve Radio have offered downloadable audio and video files for years. The new twist is the use of the RSS ( Really Simple Syndication). Ed Sharpe states that, “This technology is a time saver for our viewers. It frees them from having to visit our web site to check for new shows and stories. The headline, a short synopsis and a link to the video are now automatically at the viewers finger tips every day. They can check for new information on several sites in less time than it used to take to check one.”

Bill Schreiner adds, "Information on demand, in a timely fashion, is what the web is all about, of course. And this is another step up in that process.

"Just think of it... The computer fetches your electronic based news for you, just like your dog brings you the newspaper in the morning."


In addition to his work With KKAT-IPTV, CouryGraph Productions and the Glendale Daily Planet, Ed Sharpe is the webmaster for MCA-I Chapter 44 in Phoenix Arizona and a member of the national Media Communications Association-International Association.

Sharpe also is a member of Society of Broadcast Engineers(SBE), Investigative Reporters and Editors(IRE), Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Society of Professional Journalists(SPJ), National Press Photographers Association (NPPA), and other associations.

The Glendale Arizona news work of Ed Sharpe from CouryGraph Productions and other participative community journalists and engineering staff may be viewed, 24-hours a day, seven days a week at http://www.glendaledailyplanet.com.

Listen to Motivational Radio of Bill Schreiner and Achieve Radio at http://www.achieveradio.com
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