Art of Tea Launches New Line of 2-Quart Iced Tea Packs to Create the Perfect Pitcher Refreshment

Twelve Thirst Quenching Flavors in Smart New Packaging

Los Angeles, CA, May 23, 2013 --( Art of Tea is pleased to introduce an exciting new line of iced teas to complement its catalog of popular tea offerings. Your iced tea making adventures just got easier. The new 2Q pouches take the guesswork out of measuring tea to make the perfect pitcher of iced tea with convenient, biodegradable iced tea pouches. Designed with fun packaging, the 2Q Iced Tea Packs come in a cheerful palette of colors in innovative triangular boxes. Each pack contains four pre-measured, loose-leaf 2QT iced tea pouches with twelve award winning flavor options to choose from. Art of Tea’s 2 Qt iced tea flavors include Endurance, Brûlée Mint, Classic Black, Cucumber Mint Guayusa, Garden of Eden, Green Pomegranate, Hibiscus Cooler, Mango Tulsi, Meyer Lemon, Summer Peach, Passionfruit Jasmine, and Tropical Maté. The innovative pie-shaped package design also allows the complete family of packs to be displayed on shelves, taking over less of a space footprint and creating a fun circle of tea.

Motivated by a desire to reach a convenience oriented niche market while still maintaining the integrity of its purist artisan blends, Art of Tea employed an out-of-the-box approach to creating a tasteful, hassle-free product that could be conveniently used by tea novices and connoisseurs alike. Creating pre-measured artisan iced tea pouches enabled a harmonious integration between the two concepts and pairing them with twelve of Art of Tea’s most popular iced tea flavors was the perfect solution for making its handcrafted iced teas a viable beverage option for all households. The new line of iced tea can be made using both cold brew and hot brew methods.

“We believe that tea should enhance your life in every way so we simplified the process of making the perfect iced tea. With the new 2Q Iced Tea Packs, your favorite refresher will become a drink that the entire family can easily make and enjoy,” shares Steve Schwartz, CEO, Founder, Art of Tea.

The new 2Q Iced Tea Packs, which are available now at, will also be showcased at the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago, taking place May 18-21, 2013.

Art of Tea, headquartered in Los Angeles, is the leading importer and wholesaler of organic and specialty teas in North America. In addition to some of LA’s finest resorts and restaurants, Art of Tea services hotels, cafes, spas and many other preferred destinations from the Hawaiian Islands to New York City. Devoted to the 5,000 year old tradition of brewing loose leaf tea, Art of Tea hand blends and crafts all of its organic teas “to order,” sourced from the finest places around the world. Its carefully selected teas are sourced directly from growers, each offering a unique story behind its artful blends.

Art of Tea’s 2Q Iced Tea Packs retail for $7.50 and come with four pouches in each box. If you would like to purchase the new line and learn more about Art of Tea, go to Connect with us Twitter @artoftea , Instagram @aotsnaps and Like us on Facebook:
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