Art of Tea Pioneers the “8 Minute Digital Detox with Tea” Movement

Tea drinkers everywhere are encouraged to tap out of technology and tap in to themselves with tea.

Los Angeles, CA, May 23, 2013 --( Art of Tea is excited to introduce an inventive new initiative that invites its community to enjoy the centering properties of tea by tapping out of the digital world and tapping into themselves with tea as a grounding element. The premise behind the movement is that while most of us find ourselves embracing the convenience of our technological devices more and more, we are in turn losing a bit of ourselves in the process.

This movement, ironically driven through various social media channels via the hashtag, #8MINDIGITOX, is designed to empower and motivate others to take just 8 minutes out for themselves in the course of their busy workday to unplug and center themselves through ritual, thus creating the space for more productivity and focus throughout the day. The idea behind the number is that most working professionals have at least one 10 minute break throughout their day so devoting 8 minutes to focus inward shouldn’t be much of a stretch. It also allows plenty of time to create a perfect pot of tea.

The inspiration for this comes from Art of Tea CEO/Founder, Steve Schwartz, who for years has relied on this methodology to find the perfect balance between being extremely hands-on with his company, being present with his family and finding time to center himself.

To help push the idea forward, Art of Tea has made available a wealth of supportive materials on its Facebook page ( to assist those who might need a little help getting started or are seeking to partner up in spreading the word about the movement. There are also a variety of social sharing portals available for those who would like to share their individual experiences, ideas and photos once they are plugged back in.

Art of Tea is located in Los Angeles, CA and is a leading importer and wholesaler of organic and specialty teas in North America. In addition to some of LA’s finest resorts and restaurants, Art of Tea services hotels, cafes, spas and many other hot spots from the Hawaiian Islands to New York City, complete with staff training. Exploring the 5000 year old tradition of brewing loose leaf tea, Art of Tea hand blends and crafts all of its organic teas “to orde,” sourced from the finest places around the world. Its carefully selected teas are sourced directly from growers, each offering a unique story behind its artful blends. When infused, the teas have a beautiful display as they blossom in front of your eyes.

Art of Tea has been the recipient of numerous awards for its unique tea infusions, having most recently received awards for its “White Coconut Crème,” “Mint Brûlée” and “Amore” tea creations.

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