Portland Real Estate Specialist Jesse Poll at Century 21 Wright and Associates, Inc. Delivers the Happy Family Dream

Portland real estate specialist, Jesse Poll, gives a shout out the all those who worked to bring about the closing of another successful home sale.

Beaverton, OR, May 23, 2013 --(PR.com)-- For a Portland real estate specialist the only thing sweeter than hearing the phrase “Congratulations, you are under contract,” is hearing the relieved exhale after the words “We are closing on Friday.” Jesse Poll has closed another deal and has facilitated the purchase of a first home by another family. It’s tough under these market conditions to actually close deals with single family buyers who are in the median price range. Investors and cash buyers are snapping up everything that appears on this already low inventory market within 48 hours. Sometimes deals are under contract in less than 24 hours. To help first time home buyers locate and close on a home under $250,000 takes “Johnny on the spot” preparation, time commitment, and expertise.

In the present case, this particular young family with two toddlers had to rush out on numerous occasions to attend a home viewing necessarily scheduled after working hours and on weekends. One memorable evening, the children came with their parents following the long hours at daycare. The almost four year old was taken to the car after trying his best but ultimate becoming unable to follow repeated directives like “stop running around in the (other person’s) house.” His two year old sibling solemnly proclaimed from the arms of his father that he was “not tired” and would “be fine.”

Two houses seemed right but were already under contract in the few hours before an offer could be made. The young mother felt discouraged when she believed that she must give up some important criteria to find a property in a safe neighborhood. She was looking for a home where her children could play and she could feel love and comfort surrounding her family. One bright Saturday morning, the four year old ran into yet another house to a chorus of “Slow down!” from his parents. When they caught up to follow their son into the home, he returned from around an inside corner and said, “Hey! Come over here and I’ll show you my room.”

The house was indeed perfect, unbelievably perfect with every criteria met. Even a full price offer would be inside of their price range. Was it too good to be true? An offer was prepared and submitted that afternoon. Jesse Poll knew he might be competing against cash buyers and was deliberately creative by including a personal letter to connect with the seller emotionally.

When the offer came back rejected, Jesse Poll made the phone call to inform the hopeful couple with a heavy heart. The young wife cried. Two days had passed before Jesse received a call from the seller’s realtor. The buyers and realtor behind the first offer were ultimately unwilling to go through the complicated process. Would Jesse be willing to resubmit his offer? Now began the difficult negotiations including the request for closing costs and the rent back situation. There was joy all around on the day the offer was accepted on the perfect house. Congratulations to the efforts of everyone involved, keys have been exchanged.

As a result of Portland real estate specialist Jesse Poll's expertise and service commitment to his clients, this young couple and their children are well on their way to realizing their own happy family dream.
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Jesse Poll