Sims Metal Management Expands in Digital Age with the iScrap App

Sims Metal Management sees the value in listing more locations with the iScrap App, the scrap metal industry directory for the scrap yards and auto recyclers in the US & Canada.

New York, NY, May 23, 2013 --( Since 2012 Sims Metal Management has been working with the iScrap App to list their scrap metal locations throughout North America. Seeing the value in their first year of working with the iScrap App, Sims Metal Management is increasing their location listings on the scrap metal directory.

Adding more locations in California and the Gulf Coast Region, in addition to the existing listings throughout the Northeast and Southeast regions, the iScrap App is excited to continue working with Sims Metal Management.

“Creating a product from nothing is never an easy thing, but to have your product recognized as such a valuable tool by Sims Metal Management and so many other yards is pure excitement. We look forward to working with Sims Metal Management to not only build their brand, but for them to help us improve ours.” – Tom Buechel, Creator of the iScrap App

The iScrap App is working with Sims Metal Management to add more locations in the near future and get more information, including scrap metal prices to their customers throughout North America.

The iScrap App has been increasing the traffic to hundreds of scrap yards listed on their directory with over 102,000 downloads since April 2011 and over 5 million online page views since inception in October 2011.

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About iScrap App
The iScrap App is the leading mobile app and online directory that connects scrap yards with their customers. It is available for free on the iPhone, Android, mobile and online web. Scrap metal recyclers can locate scrap yards, find their pricing, see the materials they buy, send pictures of material for questions, and request containers right from the iScrap App.

About Sims Metal Management
Sims Metal Management’s North American Division and Joint Ventures are located in 21 U.S. states and employs more than 4,400. There are 120 locations across North America which enables Sims Metal Management to offer convenient options for both suppliers and customers.
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