, a Publishing Network of User-Generated Social Desktops Announces New Upgrades to Its Content-Based System

Corvallis, OR, August 22, 2007 --( provides individuals as well as businesses a free platform that combines display, storage and communication. All users on Christonium are publishers through their personal desktop where they can create categories, display and organize any content, share other user’s material and connect and communicate with different people.

Several upgrades have been made to Christonium, since its beta-release 2 months ago. To start with, Christonium announces a new re-design of all desktops that grant users advanced customization options. Christonium also announces the implementation of a “smart” search engine system that allows users to improve their search results as well as set custom search settings. All search terms are made public within Christonium, although not associated to specific users, in order to create a more open, transparent environment.

“The idea behind Christonium is to provide people a truly useful place online that can be utilized to organize and share information whether for the purpose of displaying content publicly, or privately for selected people only.” Co-founder Linn Raia says. “We feel that this interactive environment gives people a lot of freedom to create a very personal space that can really reflect someone and their interests.”

Christonium is powered by a custom-built application that offers several unique features. Users have creative control over category structure and content; all public material on Christonium is floating and can appear on different desktops in widely different contexts, since users can share and distribute content openly; Christonium is equipped with powerful privacy features and also gives users the choice of whether they want their desktops to be viewable to outside visitors or only to other Christonium users.

Through Christonium, users can share experiences with friends and family and create a free customizable web-presence for themselves or their business. With these new upgrades, including a completely customizable search system, Christonium aims to offer a practical, integrated platform that takes many aspects into consideration. “We hope to provide a new alternative online for people who wants to publish and organize content, thoroughly customize their web-presence and explore a wide array of subjects.” according to Ms. Raia. “Anyone can create a desktop on Christonium and utilize its features. Now Christonium has even more to offer people who in addition to gathering their interests and making connections, can perform improved targeted searches to more easily find what they are looking for.”

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Matthew Raia