Denver Pure Talent Salons Voted "One of the Best Places to Work" by the Denver Post

Denver, CO, May 25, 2013 --( Pure Talent Salons was again named one of Denver’s best places to work in a Denver Post survey. This is the second year the Denver Salon, which is also aligned with Aveda Academy has been awarded the honor. Pure Talent Salons offers a stylist training program with a retention rate of nearly 90% of stylists graduating from the program. This highly customized training, along with the prestige of working for the Aveda brand, which alone is synonymous with quality and the latest in hair fashion, creates an atmosphere that employees find immensely valuable – hence the award.

Becoming a professional hairstylist takes a sizable amount of time, dedication and financial support. Because of this, stylists programs in the industry usually have a high drop out rate. However, Pure Talent Aveda Salon stylists are trained by master stylists and also begin working at the Denver salon as employees, which give them an immense amount of hands-on education. By completing this highly customized and intense stylist training program, Pure Talent stylists quickly gain the core competencies that will enhance their natural aptitude and enable them to progress to professional stylist in an accelerated timeframe. For this reason, many Denver hair stylist candidates are on the waiting list for training through the Pure Talent Training Program at the Aveda Academy.

The Pure Talent Salons in lower downtown Denver is owned and operated by husband and wife team Tiffany and Kevin Krauklis. They have been in the Denver salon business for almost 30 years and have been training new stylists for more than 20 years. Together with their bevy of long-term ultra-talented master stylists, and their very unique and expansive downtown Denver salon, Pure Talent provides a very unique immersion atmosphere for training in the complex art of becoming a sought after professional stylist that defies the industry norm of high failure rates among stylists.

An example of the available classes at the Aveda Academy include “Bridal Hair”, which will allow new or seasoned stylists to capitalize on the lucrative market for wedding styling specialists. In addition to offering specific hair styling training, the expert instructors at the Aveda Academy will also train students on improving their business acumen. The Academy’s “Business Sessions” programs enable students to learn the keys to successfully marketing their services within their area of expertise. From lead generation to cross-promotions, students will learn the skills to create long-term career success within this comprehensive program.

To review the entire course catalogue available through the Aveda Academy, please contact the Pure Talent Salons directly. Alternatively, to find out about the various salon services offered through the Pure Talent Salons, please visit the Denver company’s website at
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